Making Me Jealous

Im black, my ex was white. It didnt matter about the race, because he was the best thing that ever happened to me. We were introduced through mutual friends and instantly started seeing each other. He was amazing, he'd give me money, take me out places nd do whatever to make me happy. Even though im only 16 we'd talk about having children and getting married lool.
But during our relasionship he became very paronoid and thought that i was seeing other people which i wasnt. We argued almost constantly over little things like me talkin about my friends who r boys and men watching me on the street, but then we'd always make up. Then one day he thought i was talking to some older guy and said we should end it, in the heat of things i didnt care but now i regret ever treating him bad and making him jealous. I love him so much and cant get him out my head. He came over to my house to get his jumper and while he was here it was complete awkward silence. But now he purposely tries to make me jealous, even tho we broke up i still had him on BBM nd he'd always put pictures of girls up and write on his status that he loves this girl, he also told me he fuckd another chick to get me out his head buh tht got me so pissed off. It was his bday yday nd we were gonna book a hotel but instead he had a drink up at his house with loads of girls which got me so jealous. And the annoying thing about it is that my best friend is going out wv his best friend so she always tells me what hes been up to and who hes been seein. My friends dont want to hear it about him buh i just dont know what to do.
ladi94 ladi94
18-21, F
Jun 19, 2011