I Want Him Back But Family And Friends Dont Wants Us Together

Well My story begins like this i meet this guy in school his name is Brian Martinez  when i meet him i was in a relationship with another guy but then later on brian got my attention soo each day i was falling for him then he ask me out 11.11.11 it was my day ever then we have some fun and cute moments until when he broke up with me bcz ppl where lying about me soo he beleive more his friend but the same day he told me to go bck to him and i give him one more chance , then he told me he never kiss a girl and i was kiss first kiss and give me everythng to me until Sunday 5 2012 where he txt me saying if i am lying i was like noo why should i lyied about love <3 then he was like r u sure i was like yea he was like mhm okay... then on twitter he keep saying i was lying tht he doesnt trust me i was like wtf did i did to him o,O so i got mad and msg him angry then my cousin and my sister was like u r boy friend keep saying u have fake facebook i was soo angrY! tht i told him this over but i didnt meant it soo i said sorry i miss u i didnt meant it he said Marisol we should be friends for now i was nuu!!!!!!! then my sister told my ex bf this         Heyy Soo Yeah I Dont Know You Like That But Yeah You Need To Stop Lyinqq To And About my Sister... Idk Why Her Name Is Even Cominqq Up In Your Mouth If Yall Broke Up.. Shes Not The One Makinqq Fake Facebooks Soo Get Your Facts Straiqht And Then Maybe Think About Talkinqq.. then he told his sister wat my sister told him and his sister told my sister       this in general, he didnt trust her so there was no point in them being together at all. her name isnt in his mouth so maybe YOU should get YOUR facts straight before talking. if they're done, they're done,she's being extra and making this a big deal for no reason at all. so why you more mad then she is if she's sitting there messaging him asking him if they're cool? oh and btw im HIS sister and i was so shocked wat Paola martinez told me i was like wtf!!!! but now i want him bck but yesterday friday he told my friend like this tbh i like yhu and she asked me hey r u going with brian i was like noo y she said bcz he ask me out i went crying to everybody but now i want him bck so badly but ik HIS friends and family are not going to let me dating him anymore bcz they hate me already and my family hate brian 2 but wat should i do can someone reply ASAP! I NEEED A ANSWER
marisolgonzalez marisolgonzalez
Feb 11, 2012