I Feel Broke:(

Im 14, The boy I feel in love with and went out with for 3 mounths dumped me and said he was not ready for a relationship witch hurt hard and he said he was bored, and then the next day he said how we go out again and how he loves me still and everything, and now he has been completly blanking and ignoring me for the whole weekend so tbh, I think im dumped again, I feel hurt and broken he was my first proper boyfriend, And I just cant forget all are memories like cuddling up watching movies in my bed witch hurts even more, like I seriously can not get him off my mind:( , I also cant stop looking at his profile to, I honestly feel broke right now
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Your young sweetie (; you have more then enough time to meet the right guy.... I know what your oing through, I've been through it, not once but a few times.. it's going to happen.. it isnt called a crush for no reason ^.^ ..look at this as a test to see how strong you are.. you will be fine. It sounds to me that this guy isn't right for you.. You shouldnt let him send you missed messages.. it's unfair to you. You should leave him alone, you'll be better off in the long run.. give your heart some time to heal... focus on other things that really matter; such as school. You must love yourself before you can assume someone else will because by the sound of it, your caring for this guy more then yourself .. I say that because your allowing him to come and go. Your allowing him to hurt you.. that's so unfair to your heart.. the heart may want what the heart wants but, that doesnt mean the heart is being smart. You know, kind of like how a drug is bad for a person, but yet they're addicted so they keep coming back for more? Hope this helps.

I'm going through the same thing<br />
If u want to talk about it im here :)