Distance Sucks.

i know people may think what im about to say wasnt true love or its wierd but my ex boyfriend was my world he made me feel special i met him throught a friend on xbox we knew eachother ages! we begaane talking one time and it turned into talking all night then as soon as we woke up till we fell asleep he was amazing! mad me so happy everyday! after awhile he asked me out i was the happiest girl in the world! we spoke 24-7 we never argues we planned to meet all the time and we set a date! we sent eachother birthday cards and christmas cards and they were so sweet wanted to hug and kiss him so much!,
things started to go bad we didnt speak as much we strted having lil arguments about cheating on eachother but i never did and i trusted him with my heaaartw e were together 6months half a yeaaaar when we broke up he said we need to talk my heart dropped to mys tomach ic ried for houres and houres when he told me iw as so sure he would of come down to meet me or i would of gone up to him i still love him very much he mean the world to mee! were freinds now but soemtimes look at the card he wrote me and it makes me smile like a child i am heartbroken and miss the love of my lifee but iv finally got over he wont ever want me baack but i jsut hope i find someone like him.
HannahBaabe HannahBaabe
18-21, F
Sep 10, 2012