How Did This Happen?

First Off I Will Start By Saying I Do Understand How Ridiculous This Sounds... But This Is A Chapter In My Life.
My Ex Boyfriend Was A Cheater And A Liar. I Met Him My Freshman Year In HS And He Was So Sweet To Me; He Would Call And Text Me All Day, Tell Me Nice Things And Just Made Me Feel Like A Queen. Now I Had Only Seen Him Once...
After Our Little "Candy Land" Phaze Our Relationship Became A Telecommunicated Roller Coaster. His Drama Was So Contagious I Believe I Had Lost My Mind. To My Knowledge He Had A Baby I Knew Nothing About, Was Sleeping With My Ex Friend, And Was Just With Me Because I Was Good Conversation. 5 And A Half Years Later...No Apology, No Empathy For What He Had Me Endure. No Appreciation For The Fact That I Did Literally Fall In Love With His Lie And Allowed Me To Continue To Do
ForeverAlone01 ForeverAlone01
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2 Responses Sep 16, 2012

I know it's been a while when you last wrote this but have you moved on now?

my only advise is "move on". hes not worth your pain. go on dates and just forget about him