How Could I Be So Stupid

Thank you for reading, especially because its a bit long, but anyways, I liked a guy back in sixth grade, and since he was very close with my best friend we eventually became bffs too. By 7th grade I was completely in love with him and he knew a bout it too. Around March him and my best friend started dating, knowing perfectly that I'd be crushed. Every one was in favor of their relationship and those who weren't I told to F off because I still cared a bout my bffs... But eventually I was the sad and lonely third wheel who protected her to backstabbing friends while everyone else made fun of her sorry state. Eventually my friends parents found out and since she was not allowed to date they got separated. He then went for me because I was always there for him, and loved him more than my friend ever did. So yay by June we where dating, for the rest of the summer we dated through the phone because I never really got to see him. A d the one time he came over... Stupid little me gave him a bj.... Which I regret with every bone in my body.... Any how school starts and we break up to keep it a secret, kinda like on break over the school year. After the first week he was asking me for advise with his new gf! WTF!!! (Sigh) I told my dad about us dating over the summer and he let me date because he though my bf was a nice guy. Ya we start dating and were super cute and flirty. Eventually people start asking and bugging me about it. Such as "omg I just knew you two would end up together" when last year they said the same thing to my friend. Or like last year I was him and my friends pretend daughter... Then this idiot goes up and says " lol your dating you dad, ewwww!" Like seriously don't they wanna rain on my parade a bit more?!?! Any ways this girl starts texting me and saying that I'm gonna get beat up on the upcoming Tuesday. He makes a fuzz about people picking on his princess. Eventually I talk it out with her and she backs off. Then I'm starting to have problems with my mom because she tells me that she doesn't know me anymore and that I never talk to her. But when I try to get close to her she's falling asleep on me. So I kinda spilled the beans about the girl texting me. As any good parents would they got to the bottom of it... They even found out about the bj..... So they transferred me to a new school and cut all contact with anyone from my other school. I'll be finishing 8th grade here and in high school ill be attending an all girl school. I texted an old friend ignoring my parents orders. He said that my my boyfriend had a new gf now...... This was only a couple hours ago.... Now I I don't know how to feel, I mean I love this guy so much it hurts, but at the same time I hate him for not even missing me...... (Sigh) and to top it all off I can't talk to anyone about this. This is why I came here.... And to who ever took the time to read all this crap thank you soooooo much you have no idea how much it means to me.
MelodySkellington MelodySkellington
Nov 26, 2012