I Miss My Ex....

Okay, I am thirteen and I've had one boyfriend, about 7 weeks ago. I was told by his best mate (who is also a great friend of mine, and who I like) that this boy really liked me, would I give him a chance? This lad is a bit like me, quiet surrounded by people, loud when in a small group. S I said, yh, even though I liked his best mate better. (What a ***** I am!)

So, we got to the point of holding hands and etc, but I never kissed him as my friends kept going whenever we were near/together: "Kiss eachother! Hug!" and stupid things like that. I felt so guilty as I liked his best mate, and his best mate was with one of my best mates. So, three days later, I ended it.

For the past three weeks, up until last Monday, I started to like him properly, probably more than I did when I was actually with him. Also, I caught him looking at me and thought : "Four weeks ago, did I make the biggest mistake of my life by breaking up with him?" One day, I told my mae that I liked him, and her boyfriend (who is who i like AND is my ex's mate) forced it out of her, by begging her. Also, he guessed and my ex was like: "I knew it, ******* hell!"

She asked him whether he would go out with me again and the answer to that was: "Hell no!!!" But why does he keep looking/staring at me??? Ever since Monday, I've acted friendly but coolly towards him to prove it's no longer true. (Which it sort of is, but not as much as before - I like ANOTHER good mate of mine, AND my mate's boyfriend.)
YhItsMeAgain YhItsMeAgain
36-40, F
Dec 2, 2012