My Love Was Lost After 2 Years .

Well I met this kid brad we met through a really close friend at a party, Well we started talking for a couple months just to make sure it was real . Because we both have been hurt from our last relationships, So we talked just to make sure it was gonna be the real deal. Well one day i went over his house and he asked me out and of course i said yes! I was the happiest girl ever.A couple months past he was telling me I'm the one for him & I make him so happy , So i fell for it . Well It was our 6 Months . We hung out almost everyday . I was with him all the time, Never thought anything would change. Well On our 6 months Anniversary . I asked him if we was still gonna go out . He said no things came up . I said like what brad? He said just things. I said well you can tell me. He finally told me later on that night , Because i kept asking him why he couldn't chill ? He said he was with another girl . He said it was their 2 months... I was crushed , I wouldn't text him or answer any of his calls for 2 days. Then i went to his house we talked he said he was sorry and he didn't want to loose me so if i would please forgive him . So i did , because i really felt for this kid. Like he meant the world to me . If he walked out of my life then i said i wouldn't know what to do . He promise me on everything he loved he would never do anything to hurt me ever again , So i accepted it . We was good never talked about that ever again a year comes by we go out , An he tells me how im his everything he don't know what he do without me . You know just filling my head with things . Well a year in a half came along he finally told me he couldn't take it anymore. He said he is tired of dealing with drama , Just making up things saying he wants to be single , He wanted to be alone . He didn't want to worry about girls until after school and ****. Well We broke up after a year in a half of my life. I was destroyed . Never thought i was gonna find Mr.Right . But yet brad said text-ed me about a month later and said he missed me and wanted to be with me still . He didn't mean the things he said to me he just had things on his mind. Well so we dated for 5 more months . Then something popped up , He said he was moving out of state. So once again but after 2 years .We finally broke up for good. But come to find out , He never moved out of state .. He just changed schools & found a new girl . We still talk as friends I missed him for the longest time ever but now. Ive moved on like he has it's been over 15 months since we haven't been together , But now i am engaged . And found Mr. Right<3 Well thanks for reading this . Girl , Keep your heads up ! Especially young teenage girl . Guys ussally only want 1 things and one thing only they will love you then say see ya later!
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youre 13-15 and engaged?