You Had Me At Hello

I was laying on the sand watching Ryan throw rocks into the ocean. He walked over to me and he bent over and gave me a kiss. This was out first kiss and this was the moment I fell for him. The next two months were the greatest of my life. We snuck out, told eachother are darkest secrets, and we fell in love. He drove me crazy, everything about this kid was perfect. Then I got a call that would change my life forever. My dad called to tell me that my Auntie went into cardiac arrest. I raced to the hospital. The next three days were pure hell. My Auntie was pronounced brain dead, I watched her take her last breath. She was bestfriend and my second mother. I lost myself. I lost focus of my relationship with Ryan. I didn't see the point of trying, I only saw the beauty in dying. Ryan called me out on changing and keeping everything to myself... he left me. After a month, I found my myself but part of me was missing. I needed Ryan back but with every attempt, he ignores me. He acts like I ment nothing to him. It's been five months, I just want my baby back. But now he's dating a girl so much prettier than I could ever be. She made a post on tumblr saying how Ryan kissed her self inflicted scars. The thought of his lips on her truly kills me. I am so envious because the only way I could have those lips on me is if I dream. She's lucky, she's so lucky.
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