My Ex Of Nearly 6 Years Left Me After Dumping Me Twice.

I always thought I had a wonderful relationship when I was 13. He treated me well from the start but as years pass, he became someone that I don't even know. I gave all he ever wanted. From cheap to branded stuff. I always put him at the top and when he fall, I'm always there to caught him up. But things change after he joins a Singapore event, Chingay. Yes girls there were hyper and attractive. But as the head of trainer I thought he should have only trainer and trainees relationship but not more than that. He dumped me for a girl name channel, he says she is more understanding. So I let him go thinking maybe she can give him more happiness. But less then 1 mth he kept texting me, seems like he was unhappy with things going through. Within 27 days of their relationship, the girl dumped him maybe as what people said, karma. But I was foolish enough to be there for him, to heal his pain when he was the first that hurt mine. So I pick him up and make him famous again but after another 7 month, he met another girl(Irene seah)during Chingay training again. He cheats on me as he allows the girl to lie on him and they both did things behind my back. There were evidence to it. It broke my heart once again. Torn me apart, he broke up with me and went into a relationship with her. He seems happy because I had no more textes from him ever again. It's been a month since we not seen each other. Will Karma happen again? I wonder why is he hurting me again and again. When I was 15, I had my abortion because of him. 13 to 20, the years we had been through and he just ended it by cheating on me. He was first but it wouldn't be my last ever again. I always pray that God will see the pain in my eyes. God please help me. God show me the way. God take my hand. Will I ever trust guys again. He expect me to give him something more like nude pictures to make him stay with me. That is stupid. Come on, why would I be so stupid to be with such a guy. How I really wish God will start with him all over again. Can someone tell me what can I do. Those pain, tears, betrayed, cheated, disappointment, sadness, hurt... God help me wash away. Jeremy Tan ding hui, hope u regret after what u did to me. I have no idea how to forgive him but I know I must forget him and move on... :(
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This is about jeremy right? oh gosh im sorry that he did that to you :( i hope you are okay.. please dont be sad :( he was once a good friend, but after sec school he just didnt like my classmates anymore.. you know me, i used to be his friend, the one whom you know as liking him in sec school, but i dont like him anymore