I think I must still be in denial, I can't believe he doesn't want me.  We used to be so close, and I thought I'd finally found my partner for life, so to have him then say that he doesn't want me anymore was like someone had reached in and ripped out my heart....  So far I have had to use every ounce of willpower to NOT beg him to take me back and/or ask why NOT me,  I thought we had that spark that everyone looks for,  - WHY OH WHY can't he love me back - what's wrong with me? - why can't I have some happiness in my life...?  I'm not a bad person so why can't just ONE thing go right for me for a change.  I'm so lonely, and wish I'd never met him if I'd known I was going to be alone again, after having the perfect relationship, going back to nothing, no-one to comfort me when I've had a bad day, or kiss me, or hug me - is just tooo much to bear.  I love him so much & can't understand what went wrong????  He was the one that pushed the relationship forward to start with, and he made me fall for him....  my heart is aching for him, i can't stop crying.... and I feel truly wretched.  I don't want to ever feel like this again, it's TOO PAINFUL.....  I';m 35 years old, and can't start all over again - it's too damn much.  Why me>>  I keep hoping he'll come to his senses, ring me up, apologise profusely,beg me to take him back & then make some overly romantic gesture to back it all up - why can't life be like the movies ????  why can't I have a happy ending?, what did I do wrong?, in this life or a past one?....  I can't do this anymore....

leambirdv leambirdv
31-35, F
48 Responses Nov 27, 2009

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i know this post is back in 2009 and now is 2015, you are probably turning or 42 right now, i'm just wondering what happened to this guy? did he ever contacted you? how did you get over the pain and misery?

Short answer - no he never contacted me ever again and I have no idea where he is now ?! Time is the thing that helped me get over him - just take each day at a time ! I'm still single but remain hopeful that at some point I'll meet my partner ...... :) but everyone wants that happy ending right?

Im going through the same, some silly row and now hes just blanking me. I know he dosent want me anymore and I cant cope with the fact that we wont have a future. I don't want any other man, im 38 and I cant go through all the crap of dating again, I will never find another him, he was all I had in this town and now im so lonely it hurts, I have no support and have been drinking to make myself feel better but now feel worse and I do crazy stupid things when drunk. I really don't see a way out of this sadness...


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I know what you are feelings and sometimes it feels like you can't live through feeling this way any longer. But, I think you posted this years ago and now I know you will be feeling so differently and hopefully be happier in your life xxx

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Actually i dont know what is wrong...
our relation started differently. When i was in 5 or 6 std he started liking me it was really odd . he is 3 years big then me . we used to live nearer some years before. when i went in 8 std we where not living nearer . Actually i use to not like him coz i was small not understanding this love . and didnt realize it then when i went to college i remember yaar he was liking me he sent me a friend request to fb. I got his number and called him . he just didnt believe that i called him. It was like just grace in his talking. then suddendly next day he proposed me and said will u be my gf. even i said yes. and our relation started but our relation was not like others no talking due to studies in case he doesnt get more time he is always busy due to his for degree and me diploma. i too had much busy schedule but i was removing time for him . he use to call me when he had time he doesnt receive my calls. after some months . due to load of studies he said that he want break for some time . till that for some days we will be just a friend but i miss him so much i controlled much that not to trouble him but i want him to miss me . And say me that now i dont want break. please tell me what to do plz help

Dear all - I've deleted all of the spellcaster comments as believe them to be providing false hope and preying on people when they're emotionally vulnerable - crass and blatantly money grabbing tricksters - there is hope out there , you're string enough to get through it and will be stronger and better off in the long run ... Trust me - I'm a survivor xxx :)

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I'm going thru the exact thing at the moment. I know it's hard knowing he doesn't want me. Everyone says he will call me one day or text me he missss me. He is seeing someone who has 2 kids and has been married and lives and hour and a half away. He's best likes girls with kids, which makes me think it won't work out anyway and he went for the first thing he saw. I'm devastated and some days I can't even move from the bed. Ill be 32 in June and have no kids and I've never been married. I want the happy life and to truly find my best friend. I thought it was him but if he can't see how I loved him then maybe he doesn't deserve me. He drank more than I like in any relationship. I would have to not drink when we would go places bc I knew he would drink more and not feel comfortable him driving. I don't want that at all. But I always thought he would love me more than the alcohol.... Turns out he didn't. I want a man that can stand by me when I have a bad day and pick up the pieces if I've made a mistake. But most of all I want a best friend. Hope you are doing better.

That's supposed to say he's never liked girls with kids.....

Im in the exact same position except he left me to be with my friend and all i have been upset and thinking why would both of them do this to me. Its a horrible to think someone you love and you friend do this to you. I waited for four years for him to live with him and once he got with her it was a week... i was heart broken, i felt like i was never special enough. I hope karma bites them i the bum because i know i didn't deserve any of that. I hope this makes us a stronger person our selves and to be a better person like them.

MY boyfriend broke up with me almost 3 weeks ago and it hit me hard. I thought that everything was good between us we never argued or anything. So one Sat. night we go to dinner and a movie and I thought that we was having a good time well anyway the next day he's at church and I talk to him again everything's fine. Then Mon. no call or anything from him so Tues. when I went to work I ran into him and he's like I was so tired I fell asleep last night so said okay I trusted him so I didn't think anything about well by Thurs. he's with an attitude and i'm like what's going on with you, he tells me nothing. But whatever so I call him when I get off of work and he's I can't do this anymore I don't want this title, i'm like what are you talking about crying trying to convenience him that I love him and he's not trying to hear it he hangs up on me and just like that it's over. So the next day I see him and ask him to give me a answer and he's like I have been dealing with someone else for 6 years I almost die we was in engaged to be married and he tells me this I started begging and asking him to leave her than he tells me he just needs time so of course since he's rejecting and i'm feeling rejected i'm acting out of my character crying, begging i'm doing everything except telling him that I don't want to live anymore which I would never get so desperate to do but anyway he tell me for that he doesn't no what he want just give him time so i'm like how much time a year and he's like no I just want to stop lying to you so that we can get back to us at first I wanted to believe him so bad now i'm thinking that that was some bullshit. I keep saying are people really that cold hearted how can you spend almost everyday with me for a year and now you just don't love me anymore and if he loved me in the first place why would he even tell me about another female why not just lye and break up with me. I am so stuck right now I just don't understand how you can love someone so much one day than the next you don't even want to speak to them.

I am going through the same thing.My boyfriend dumped me a few moths ago talking bout '' I cant be with one i must be with many.'' What is that even mean? But with a little help from my freinds im starting to get over the fact that i got dumped.

Oh my god, this is me right now everything you just said that is what im going through I cry everyday, I miss him terribly but the odd thing is he asked me if I still loved him I don't understand it , its killing me

Hey i know how you feel im going through the same thing, feelings and love dont switch off overnight i split with my ex 2 month ago and im hurt heartbrokem upset try keep your chin up go out enjoy yourself with friends thats what im doing it might give your ex a wake up call as to what hes lost

You aren't that old. I've lived through this and so can you. think of something you've always wanted to do but never did, learn the piano, start a garden, take classes, learn to meditate. I'll bet you've found somebody else by now. you're not alone.

It's not in all cases that your ex wouldn't want you back, usually he would want you back but wouldn't want it to be obvious to you,I have only found just one genuine individual who others have spoken well about here on EP and that can help with bringing back an ex or help to reunite a relationship/marriage with issues. His name is merujhaspell.

I am going through exactly the same thing. I realise that this is a old post but i just felt i needed to say i am going through the pain, the crying and part of me just won't accept it's over. i've done the opposite and have contacted him over and over. he has slept with someone else not even two weeks after we broke up. i feel so sick and panicky all the time, this is the worst feeling in the world. i don't know what to do either. i am 32 so i know how you feel about starting over and having to go down this path, i just can't do it either.

I don't know if I can give you any magic solution. I am going through the same thing at the moment and have been reading everything I can find for some advice. I haven't found a fail proof answer but I have found a couple of pieces that made sense to me1. Don't let him see you as a victim no matter how bad you feel.2. In fact try to keep your emotions under tight control whenever you are in contact with him or wih anyone who might speak of you to him.3. Men don't respond to words they respond to actions4. Bad actions get bad responses good actions get good responses5. Sometimes the most powerful action you can take is to do nothing - don't chase him.6. A genuine apology (I mean if it really was your fault) may be appreciated but only do it once. He won't forget what you say and apologising more than once appears desperate and is unattractive.7. Be patient and then be patient some more8. Be the i dependant happy person you were when you first met him9 Never ring or text on impulse give yourself at least 24/48 hrs to think it through first.10. Get your negative emotions out on paper (it really does help) but never EVER show them to your exHope there's something there that helps and hope it all works out for you

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Dear all,

My heart goes out to you all. I am going throught the same thing. My fiance and i split earlier this year after having been together for 5 years and engaged for 15 months. I feel completely devestated and lost without my best friend. He was everything my past, present and future and now my world has been turned upside down. I am utterly consumed thinking about "us" and everything we did and had planned for the future.

I hope that time and space will bring us back together but feel this is unlikely now as he is making no contact. i feel utterly hurt that it has come to this and his feelings can be switched off just like that.

i wish you all future happiness - and the love and respect we all deserve.

Love to you all


any advise or thoughts please post - lets support one another xx

wow!! all the question you asked EXACTLY how I feel.. I was with my ex for 5 years. He broke up with me b/c the little arguments were getting worse. I asked him to try to make it work...he said okay but give him time and space. I was so afraid that space would allow him to start dating...I kept pushing him to try and make it work. As time went he said he was confused and didnt know what he wanted. I kept pushing and trying to get him to work. Then he told me that he loved me and cared enough about me and asked me to just let it go. He stated that he needed to be single and live his life and that he realized he couldnt give me what I wanted right now. It broke me apart! Then the begging started and I was begging him to try and make it work etc. Then he became distant, aggravated, and selfish. Here it is 2.5 years later and I still love him with all of me. I am in a different place but I still find myself text and calling him. I hate that I love him so much. I hate that allowed myself to fight for this relationship and I got nothing in return. As much as my wish and dream is for reconciliation...i know we will never heal and be able to get back together and it devastates me b/c I know that I truly love him and fought and gave it my my eyes it didn't mean anything to him. He use to reply to my emails and text he ignore me. I know in my mind what I need to do...he has even said let it go and see what God does with the situation...he told me I deserve more than a 2nd chance but he cant give that to me right now.

Its very hard to hear someone tell you that they love you, but they are unwilling to even try to find it deep in their heart to make it work. I am 30 years old now and I thought s we would be on our way to marriage and have kids. Now the thought of losing the love on my life and starting over makes me so depressed. Its been very hard to concentrate at consumes me so much daily. I find myself crying myself to sleep...waking up crying and asking God why me. I feel like I am being punished when I fought and fought hard and was left to dry all alone. Its a hard place to be and I just pray to God now for strength the willingness to accept, let go and move on. I hope he go through something that hurts him and maybe...just maybe my cries and fight would mean something to him. my only wish was for him to want us again :-(

This post, hit home :(
I am devistated, & I miss my ex b.f.

This is what im going through now:( i need advice... Hows it been going after this long?

It could b worse ive been trying to get over my x. For lomg time when i think its ober he keeps coming in my life,. \" i have a gf but let me stay w u \" he says. Hes walket out of my life again two days ago, its not the roller coaster w used to be in in the beginning. But its bad. The pain ebentually dulls out. I think to myself. Accept this there are no obstacles to neing together just bevause i want him it does not mean he does so whats the use. U dont want him w u while he is thinking of being w someone els. e. And i take him.

Oh wow! Exactly the way it's happened with me and him....;( these posts just make me cry and realiZe that I'll never get him back. Ill never be able to love anyone else the way I loved him. He was my best friend. As much as it helps knowing I'm not the only one it still makes me feel like my heart is no longer in my chest....;( he's taken it with him and destroyed me as a human being.

Wow...that's exactly how I would describe what I'm going through right now. I can't concentrate on anything. I'm 26 and was in the middle of my last semester of college when he dropped the bomb on me. 3.5 years of being together, living together, went to go look at rings. And all of the sudden he tells me he still loves me but we just don't work together, and I have to move out of OUR apartment we both moved into together. This happened a little over a week ago. He's been so cold and heartless even though just 2 weeks ago, we were arguing over who loved each other more (in a joking way). How can someone go from one end of the spectrum to another? I've dropped out of school this semester and am moving to a different city as soon as possible. I can't believe how fast things can change in a short period of time. I'm devastated

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Its been 4 days that we boke up and I couldnt understand and accept the reality that there are things that are not meant to be.. weve been together for 14months.. I moved in with him, made plans for future, planning the names of our future baby and all that.. 4 days ago he said we need to end our relationship since were both fighting all the time and its not working out.. So I packed my bags and left.. 2nd day went back to his place just to see him and to get rid of the heaviness I felt.. following day I went again to his place and see him and that day I begged for him to come back but he said the love is still there but theres no relationship.. he said It will be hard but I have to move on this is life.. He said he I can still come and hang out in his house but in my mind whats the point? I love him so much but I know hes moving on.. Im stalking with his emails and I found out hes ready to move on,, He joined dating website and got messages from A GIRL WHo wants to know him.. now my mind is with him and thinking that hes having a date already with someone else.. its hard I couldnt accept things... :(

I am going through the same thing. I am totally depressed and I feel like I can't move on. I know I'm supposed to try, but I am just not even that motivated. How can I just get over someone who was my best friend for so long? I keep hoping that he will change his mind, but he might not.

I am going through something similar but actually he was more harsh. We have been together (he was going through a separation) for 12 years, met at work. We moved in, got a house together in 2008. He has 2 kids from his previous marriage. Things were great, house, kids, got 2 dogs, talking marriage. Than 3 weeks ago he had to work on a Sunday and said he was going to his cousins house to watch a football game, and he came home at 11:00, drunk. I was angry, yelled and asked him why he was home so late. I wish I could take that night back, yelling and just on his case. Everyone needs a night out and usually I feel that way. I know that we all need our space. But there was just something about that night. We really have not gotten along very well that last year. I guess you have that comfort zone and you lose the excitement. But we always had that, that was the reason we were so close was our passion. Granted, we are in our 40's, we have been together along time. But to jump to the future, that night he came home drunk, he said he does not love me anymore, we are like roommates and I want you to move out. The house is in his name but, we split the mortgage, I bought the food, paid the electric bill, we basically split everything. I would take his kids shopping. I did it all. so, he said it was no rush to move. It was the worst 2 weeks of my life, I will never forget how he treated me while I was packing. I didn't know what to do, we both work full time I had to pack after work. I would stay with my mom on weekends so, his kids would not see me pack. It was traumatic. We shared a home for almost 6 years and he treats me like this. I was blindsided. So, now, I am living with my mom, put all of my things in storage, I have 2 dogs. He has 3 acres and I had to take the husky because she likes me. I am so confused. It has been a week a since my brothers helped me pack up everything and he has not even called, sent me an email to ask how I am. I am the one who had to move, he has everything. I will never forget how he treated me. When your heart is broken it is the worse because everything just sucks. At a loss.

How did you get over him? I am dealing with this's been 8 months and I feel no better than I did when it first happened. I cry all the time and I can't get over him. He has cut me out of his life completely now and even deleted me from Skype contacts. I am devastated & it hurts so much. I just want it to stop :(

Omg I just commented but all of you really helped me with my situation. It helped to know Im not alone and I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone either. It sucks but things will get better for us all and anyone else who's going through this. Just keep your heads up and know you're not alone. There will be better days and you will find your soul mate and that person will never hurt you just stay strong and be positive.

It's going to be okay. I'm going through the same exact situation and I feel exactly how you feel. It's crazy because what you just posted, are the same exact words that came out of my mouth and I still don't understand what went wrong. I feel as if nothing ever goes right for me either, and the one thing that made me happy left me without warning. Im here to tell you that you can and you will get through it. Its tough but try to keep focused on something else, something positive. Yeah he broke your heart and probably doesnt care but please know that he's a jerk and there's someone for everyone but he wasn't that someone for you. You'll run into someone special and better than your ex. Don't cry, hes not worth it remember HE messed up not you and there's consequences for everything a person does. He cant just hurt someone and expect things to fall into place. Honestly, yes I still cry but I cry and get myself together do not cry and just stay down, get back up strong don't lose yourself in this. You will be okay things will get better one day you will be completely over this just try to be positive and keep him off of your mind.

I too am sorry to all of you. I am dealing with pain myself right now. Only he and I weren't in a actual relationship. It didn't get to that. We met and started to see each other in March. I didn't like him like that at first but he liked me for something. Whether it was really just for sex, I dont know. I don't know if he ever cared at all. Anyway, I'll make this as brief as possible. Our first date was wonderful. I still haven't had that much fun since. It seemed like we had a connection. I loved it. he claimed to feel we had a connection,too and the last time I saw him, which was on May 31st, we talked a little about that nite and he said he wanted to feel that way again. Prior to that nite were issues,too. But I dont even think he really really wanted to see me the last nite I saw him. He had promised me we would hang out that week, and asked if I was going to be busy that week. But the nite I saw him,I asked if we were going to hang out anytime soon and told him he promised that we would. He said ???.. No but we ended up hanging out that nite anyway. He said though that he would have come over then if I had liquor. I wondered if that was why he would come over-for the liquor and he said it would be too see me,too. Whatever but yeah we hung out. I brought my liqour and maybe I shouldnt have but he didnt have much of it anyway. We almost had sex,too and maybe that was all he wanted-and/or the liquor. He told me different things that nite. That he was terrified of how he felt about me before, that he felt like he had everything he needed when we were together, that he thought about living with me and there was more,too. That him acting uninterested before was a act, and I forget what he said, but he was getting at that maybe we deserve each other because of bad experiences we had before. The next day he replied to a text I sent him and told me he moved in with his best friend who he said is female. He never told me he was moving and I was at his house the day before. I told him he didnt tell me he was moving and he said he didnt tell me because he didnt think he had to and called me "Mom". I asked why he was being this way and I got upset because he deleted me from facebook, and he had just unblocked me and added me the last time I saw him. I left my liquor at his house and I asked for it back. He sent me a email telling me he left the liquor with a note answering my questions on my porch. Couldnt even end everything face to face. He ddint answermy questions,though. He said we need to go our own ways and he wants to leave everything he once had behind. I emailed him and told him that wasnt enough. <br />
<br />
But like I said before, he ignored me for 2 weeks after I had said something he didnt like back in late march, but he claimed it was to put it short, because of a issue that had nothing to do with me. He reappeared for a few hours and sent me a email telling me the story, and that he missed me and had wanted me to be his girlfriend. He came over but couldnt stay long and said he missed me and had a surprise for me for my bday which was in April, but it was for after my bday. He disappeared again for almost a month and when he finally decided to reply to me, he told me he was dealing with inner self conflict, and in between jobs and he said if he couldnt take care of himself, how could he bring someone else into his life. There were ups and downs with us talking, and he ended up telling me we were starting over as friends first, and if it goes further it is what it is. Of course when I saw him again, we almost had sex. That was on the 31st. And now here we are, with him having ended everything and I saw a picture of him on his facebook at the beach with his Mom and he looked happy and unfortunately good. While I have been depressed. And he didn't tell me exactly why he doesnt want a relationship with me. Just that I am not the person for him and he wants a fresh start meaning every Woman he has had sex with who he knows he's not going to be in a relationship with has to exit his life. A**hole. He apologized for playing me,too. Maybe he played me the whole time but I don't know. Sorry this was so long. I feel I should sit down and just write the whole thing out-everything that happened and everything.

Thanks everyone for your words of support - looking back on my words it's hard to remember just how bad I felt back then - that's the good news I guess - it always gets better and time DOES heal ! Whilst I haven't found the love of my life YET - I'm happier now knowing that I'm not with someone who didn't reciprocate the same feelings. I'd rather be single than be in denial or constantly feeling like I don't measure up ! So for those of you out there - there is always hope and a light at the end of the tunnel (and its not an oncomiIng train either I promise!) thanks to you all for your support and virtual well wishes - it means more than you know - big hugs to you all xxx

I am so sorry to everyone here. I am going through this right now..and it is hell on earth. I would not wish this upon my worst enemy. It's horrible...not understanding what went wrong. Knowing the love of my life is gone. Knowing we will never make another memory together. I can't move can I forget the only man I have ever loved? He was a priority to seems like I was just an option to him.

I feel the same way. I did so much for him and now it feels like I was just a convenience to him &amp; once he didn't need me he dumped me. It's so hard. Last year at this time he had told me I was "the BEST thing in his life" &amp; "the BEST girlfriend EVER" and today he doesn't even want to know me anymore &amp; has ignored me and removed all contact. I don't know how I will get through this. Last month he &amp; I went to a movie &amp; dinner together &amp; this month it's as though he hates me?? He deleted me from his Skype contacts which is like saying he NEVER wants to speak to me again :(

I've begged for him back and I still want him back I've stopped begging now after I realised it wasn't making him happy and I would just push him away even more he still says he loves me and will forever but just in a different way now.. I know he is my one and the only reason it didn't work is cos he didn't know if I was his one? And it's like why can't we just have fun and yeah we'll now we are guna be friends but all I wanna do is kiss him! And I will just wait til he comes back to me for my whole life!

oh my god ,it helps to read these just to know i'm not alone. i am going through this right now..together 3 years and it was the most amazing relationship, started living together 3 months after we met.. he moved 6 months ago for for a job.. he came back to visit to profess his undying love for me , and asked to do commitment ceremony with him, got a ring right away , got a custom made one for our ceremony 5 months later, ceremony planned in the state he was in , arrived there everything great . the night b4 the ceremony he ended it with me- i had just been with him in florida 6 weeks earlier , every thing fantastic. my heart is so broken. its 6 weeks and i cant stop crying and feeling nauseous and my brain hurting some of the hurtful things he said like he as his reasons for breaking up like how my 15 yr old son is ****** up and how if he met someone he wanted to be with in 3 months he wouldnt be able to keep our commitment and after he said it how he might begin the relationship with that person the way he began it with me(he came out of a bad marriage and she made him feel very inferior, unable to achieve an erection ) we did alot of fp so he was extremely aroused and since then he never had any issues with achieving erection with me . its been so painful, theres days i wish i could die or take a pill to forget i was ever with him and yet i still love him WHY? why cant i hate him and move on. the nights r the worse and saturday night more painful, i know hes rubbing up against someone else- help.

Im asking myself these questions too.....he even ask me to promise that I will never leave him, He cant live without me, I am the best thing that ever happen to him, love him unconditionally and he will do the same.....then he breaks up with me because I am asking him to contact me more often, he didnt even think about it, he broke up with me right there and then. he says im not the woman for him.......unbelievable. he was lying all along. he knows i dont have any friends, he was my bestfriend. I wish you the best, remember you're not alone....we are in this together.

i just posted my experience on this site. its such a horrible experience to be rejected

I completely understand where you are and share every sentiment. My lost love actually did call begging for me back, but he changed his mind a week later and it was like having my heart broken into a million pieces all over again. <br />
It seems such a daunting thing to overcome but it can't last forever, can it? I just try as much as I can muster to distract myself, keep healthy, exercise and tire myself out so that I can fall asleep as quickly as possible in bed. Thinking in bed seems to be a terrible trigger for lamentation. Keep on, and you are not alone. <3

I know exactly how you feel and feel the very same way but I m just looking for advise as to how to stop thinking about him all the time and wanting him to want me all the time

add one more.I'm so tired of suffering.Everyone who means anything has left my life.I'm a nice person and I don't know why this is happening and i don't know how to stop it.It's all so sad, and it has been like this for so long....

I have been asking all of those dame questions for a month now, and I cry every night. I know what you are feeling, and I wish I could give you the hug right now that I need so badly myself. We can talk...