Can´t Let Go

I guess I don´t know why it´s always so hard for me to let go of people, but it is.  It´s like a part of that person is always with you, haunting your everystep and whispering the past into your ear.  I know it´s not forever, I´m just saying it´s right now.  And the present is always so hard to deal with when you´ve never even let go of the past.  And then Saturday afternoons, alone at home watching TV, when before you´d be in his arms.  I never get used to that.  I suppose the worst, is definately knowing it´s my fault I lost him, but it´s his fault he let me go.  I never have, and even as friends, eventually you´re found helpless against inevitable distancing between you both.  This was when I told him that I couldn´t take the distance anymore, we were supposed to be friends. What happened?  And sometimes I wish I could take that comfrontation back, because if we were apart before, we´re never going to be close now.  And I guess that´s the hardest, when I can´t help but browse through his profile just to see if he´s showing any thought of me.  But it´s never clear enough.  I guess when it´s down to the point, I can´t let go of someone, who at some point in my life, meant the world to me.

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I was with a guy for 3 years, he always told me he loved me and that we wouldn't break up because if you love someone you make it work. We could never work out a time when we were both free and just a couple days ago he said we should just be friends. I know he dont love me anymore. When we were dating he said to everyone that I was his girlfriend and introduced me, told his friends he really liked me and told me he loved me, I wanted to be with him again but I never knew what to do. I tried for a long time with other spell casters to get him back but was the ONLY spell caster that could do the love spell for me that worked, if you need help call him +15036626930, he will always come to your aid, Obviously dr marnish is the REAL DEAL!

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Me and my boyfriend were seriously in love for six years and we were planning to get married but one day he came to my house and told me he was no longer interested in our relationship simply because he was dating another rich lady who promise to buy him a car and to sponsor their wedding. And i suffer heartbreak for seven months and i was not tired of loving i took a bold step by contacting a spell caster who helped me bring my ex boyfriend back. he is powerful and great his contact is you can also contact him for help

I totally understand. In my case though, I ruined it all. I couldn't let go to the point where he finally told me Goodbye this past Friday. He will never speak to me again and I am totally devastated. He was not a great boyfriend, but I loved him with all my heart. I accepted his faults and all...and he dumped me in an instant...cold and without the tiniest shred of remorse. Saturdays are the worst day...I miss his arms holding me. I miss just sitting on his bed watching movies. But he is currently looking for a new girlfriend.
You are young justspeechless, go out there and be confident that you will find someone way better than him. Don't wait for him to come around. It is his loss. Life is too short... and trust me...when you get to be my is very hard to find someone. It makes the pain of losing someone that meant the world to me that much harder...cause I don't know if I will ever have the chance to feel that way again. :(

I'm in almost the exact situation. Distance got the best of us and now I miss him more than anything.. He tells me how much he loves me but on his own time.. He doesn't answer when I text or call.. He will go days without talking to me.. It's even harder because he won't quite let me go.. As soon as I think I might be okay.. He texts me or calls me and tells me everything will be okay and that he loves me.. But he has made no effort to see me, and whenever I mention driving back down there he won't answer me.. I'm so lost without.. And I feel like I'm holding onto something that's not there anymore...

Its hard i know im in the same situation my boyfriend of 2 years we recently broke up and everynight i cry myself to sleep the pain in my heart keeps me up. He currently like someone new and the thought of him havinging soemone else kills me. All our promises broken.. Our memories i just ant keep giving someone so much and getting nothing in return. We need to learn to love ourselfs time heals all wounds

It's ok...never being able to let go is just letting others,know you truly love them. No matter what. I'm the same way...nothing wrong with that, but love yourself the same way and don't hurt yourself anymore...what would you tell a friend that said this to you?

I have 2years without him and its paining like we part yersterday i dnt know what to do i pray everyday that i let go oh him but its not happening i get hurt when he is with other girls and his child with his new girlfriend he told he doesnt love me i dont no how to accept that he doesnt want me....i take months without calling him thinking it will be easy to let go but its the more i miss him and he never wants to talk to me because he does not love me at all but i dont understand why i have to love someone who doesnt love me i wish i can just die and rest from this pain its hectic n impossible i have gone for counsellings, prayed,forgave him everything but the pain still haunts me whyyyyyy we had 3years of relationship and we never part until he slept with other girls and i get hurt cos he doesnt just sleep with one girl i dont know what to do to remove him from my heart and ever since we part it seems am not attractive to ather men cos i have not even forund a relationship at first i didnt want it cos i wanted to heal but now i want it to love some1 else and move on but i dont get it what should i do....T-girl

i have been apart from my ex for alomost 3 yrs now. im the one who broke up with him and walked away from a 6.5 year relationship. we have a beautiful little girl together. i left and shortly found someone who i had a crush on since i was little but found out things were not what i wanted. 3 years later to this day things in my house havent changed (pictures, etc) i look at my past and think i really did f*&k up big time and now i live with this daily. i miss him and wish i could turn back the hands of time. yeah we didnt have a "perfect" relationship but there were more positives then negatives. my currect relationship there is more negatives then positives. my ex now has a girlfriend. who im bitterly angry more now then ever. that "if i cant have him no one can' saying running through my head. i gave him 6.5 yrs and a kid marriage never came up but he has been with "her" for 2 months and has plans to get married. she has a baby by someone else who isnt but 2 months old. he lives in a 2 bedroom home. has his kid 3 nights a week. he let her put her sons crib in her room instead of his. she is always there. my daughter does not like her. now she thinks she is welcomed around. im more angry because my parents let her come over. my ex helps my dad with fixer upper houses and is currently remodeling my moms kitchen. he takes her with him to their house and they let her in. i find that disrespectful of my parents. but i seem to be stupid for thinking that. im at a loss. i cry and i cry. i think and i think.

Well here I am 6 years after a break up and still have not found my way out while his there already changed 3 relationships. You don't have to always lead your way out of it. Just be happy with what you have right now and carry with the memories.

People always said move on and you will forget him...10 months on the road since I move to another town to be away from my ex it still really painful...and tried everything but nothing interest me. I guess I have to carry this scar everywhere....

Take all the good memories that u shared with that person n keep with u but once a break has came n u know deep down that its over then dig deep n move on doll. Its the hardest thing n most hurt one can feel at times but over time u will see clearer n realize a difference was needed.

my ex bf broke up with me over a year ago... i still miss things about him, infact there r things about him that seem so special i feel i may never have that again, that said there were awful things about him too which gave wind to the fights and the hatred that was characteristic of the end of our 3 yr relationship. he was my best friend its hard to not think about him, but it seems he has totally stopped thinking of me coz he didnt once call to check up on me or see if i was ok since the breakup. he does however call my sis and is chatty with her... ugh<br />
bottom line is yes time does make things better but only if ur actively trying to move on with ur life and have truly let go, i hope that no one does wat ive done and holds a candle for a person who clearly states that he wants out .. even if the reasons are unclear and u dont get the closure u need, u must move on and leave him behind or the pain is great everytime u think of the hopes and dreams u both built together during ur relationship. life isnt bad on ur own ,,,, infact the lack of drama is refreshing.<br />
be strong and stay positive everyone, we r all filled with love to give to the world in more ways then through a relationship<br />
love to all

i feel the same way, i was a faithful girlfriend etc. we were together near 2 years. he told me he was not my boyfriend anymore. now he says he wants to have sex with other girls and that he does not love me anymore. i have cryed for the past 4 months, but now i feel he has lost a beautiful woman, and he will see the day he regrets it. i loved him deeply and he devastated my heart and soul. i am not over it, but i am trying to move on. he still calls and does things for me, but i will have to pull away and have no contact with him; because it hurts too much to talk to him or see him . Being that we no longer belong to one another, i am sorry. love kate

I know exactly how you feel, My Ex boyfriend broke up with me 2 months ago, Ever since he broke up with me I have been a mess. The first month I cried myself to sleep every night. Everyone said " Don't cry you will meet someone better" Just forget about them they said, But I cant forget about someone who I talked to every night, Who would always be there for me, Who ment the world to me. I cant move on I cant let go of him. I messed things up with him, I liked him so much I got worried when he talked to other girls but That was so stupid of me seriously I messed up so bad. I wish I could take it back and fix things. I want him to give me another chance:'( But as I was saying trying to move on is only hurting yourself. Dont push your self to do something you don't want to do. Time heals a broken heart, Let the days go on and try to focus on other things, dont look at his profile page, all it does is hurt you , trust me I know, Just stay strong. - Jordan

Scar or badge? Is his being gone a scar or a badge? Yes it hurts because it seems things could have worked out. Because there is not someone better (in front of you) There is someone better. <br />
For us guys we do not forget either. Its better to have someone and some memories than latch onto what looks good

I feel just like justspeechless...<br />
<br />
Thanks karmiclight for your comment, i think you're right.

I feel just like justspeechless...<br />
<br />
Thanks karmiclight for your comment, i think you're right.

I feel exactly the same way!<br />
But it's no good to just stay home watchin tv and thinking about what might have been..<br />
you're a different persn from how you were back then, the pain must have taught you something n made you stronger. build on that, and go out to meet new people, life really doesn't stop when your heart is broken... there's so much laughter in the world when you're cryin in your bed at night..<br />
i wont tell you to go back to your old life, thats impossible..<br />
but i 'll advise you to go and make your new, better life! :)<br />
good luck!