As It Happened Yesterday.

Since my break up with her (5 months) i am not able to forget her she's always on my mind.My friends and family have been very supportive with me.I am trying my best to move but at times i really miss her and i really want to hold her tight hug her and kiss her so madly that she comes back in my life.I really feel miserable.I don't know about her whether she has moved on or not or she is dating some other guy.Maybe she would be dating someone after all its her own choice & Life.I was just like a friend to her.She wanted us to take this friendship ahead as a relationship and later when it did not worked out she said."It's not working" as if for her it was just like a Play.I cried out a lot.Had Sleepless nights,Slept empty stomach,Drove in the streets at nights,Arguing with parents not able to focus at work.Still the same situation I missed Her.Its been 5 months now and still i have to admit that "I MISS My Ex Girlfriend"
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1 Response Feb 17, 2012

i understand you partner i miss my girl also deeply after 8 long months not a sign of life from her..because she moved on while we where together then she left me for someone else its hard but you got to get you're head back in the game brother...join the gym do sports go out enjoy life talk to other women i have done it it helped yes but u have to fight it remember talk to you're self she is not coming back its reality you will always love her its normal but u have to move on for you're sake don't waist you're energy on someone who doesn't care about you.