Destiny Or Stupied

oky i had a best friend her name is emiley and we met in pre school and she came over to my house ever day we even had r own hand shake . we was best of friends but i falied the 2 grade and when she was in 3 grade we was still was best friends she still came over ever day and it was like nothing happen but when i was in 3grade she and i started to seperate and  she was making new friends and i was the out cast of the 3 grade and she was in 5th grade in middle school and for 4 grade i moved to veron school and it rocked i had friends i was liked i was happy and when i was inthe 5 grade i ruled that school but i found out that emiley was in 6grade and i tryed to talk to her  as much as possabile and i think that she did to but it was hard  to talk to her because school keep us from taking ca use there was all ways a teacher there and we talk a littel but the middle of the school year we both stoped but like 2 in a half months later in the summer my mom runed in to her mom and her i was not there but she said or at least thats what my mom said she said  that she wants to get back in touch or somthing i dont know what  to do i want to be her friend a lot but i think that she Just wants to use me i mean we met in pre school brades in briches the name of the pre school so if she some how she tryes to talk to me i will be friend but i want her to say somthing frist or do somthing frist  because i did last time    - SCARLETT (:
emilett emilett
Jul 13, 2010