Still Trying To Forget After 2 Years

Well, this is my first time writing in here..would thank whoever gave the opportunity to us!

I had a best friend too close to eachother that whoever sees us would thing we're sisters..shes older than me in couple of months & we were friends for 10 years..a friendship that we never hid anything from eachother! She had a younger sister(3 of us are few months apart from eachother) we were too close friends that I know all of their exs etc.. One day that girl met 1 of the worst guy we could know(the smallest thing about him is he's a player big time!!) I knew he wasnt serious with her but she LOVED him too much that she could face whoever refuse seeing her with him...after a year from their relation, one day I knew a very bad thing about him by coincidence,after researching&finding its true I told her that truth..she started hurting me too much & she told another person that I did that only to take the guy from her(it sounded very childish to me but I was very mad caz since the first minute she knew I hate him & cant even be in the same place as him!) after all those years from great friendship, I didnt talk to her 1 month then she came & apologized from me..after 2 days we started talking again but I lost a bit from my trust in her!! Only 1 week after she stopped talking to me out of nowhere & her sister too that I was shocked what was going on in their minds..I waited 3 days then couldnt calm down more..her sister told me that they're mad at me caz I told all of our friends about this guy's story blablablaa!.. I simply told her(the sister) that I would never say something abt him without ur sis knowledge..again after searching,I found out that it was this guy's ex that spread this truth &said it was me so that my friend lose me & after a while found out my friend recently knew the truth but she simply couldnt apologize caz she was extremely wrong!!!

And now its been 2 years we dont even say hi & wherever I see her I would lose my peace & start stressing while every1 around me tells me how she regret this problem but I wont go to her no matter what unless she comes & say something to me!

With all of that, I still miss her badly& miss our time together!! And even maybe if she talks to me I would try to forget all of this time accusing me of something I didnt do!
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Jan 10, 2013