A couple years ago, I took up the sport of hockey once more after dropping it for about a year previously.
I was still relatively young, and I was joining a team with different genders and ages, the youngest being a boy that was about 8 year old. The only two girls were me and another girl who I won't name.
We immediately became great friends. I thought we'd be together forever. But skip a lot of years into the future, and she changes.
She think she's the best player on the team we now play for. She's cocky and big-headed, bossy even- really bossy. But I still loved her like my sister. I didn't want her to change, and for all I knew no one had any problems with her.
She was my defensive partner, which made matters worse.
She began to lash out on me, who had been soft to her and listened to her every word.
She talked to me like I was a mentally damaged 13 year old dog. But in a mocking tone, to make sure I got it. She pointed out habits and problems both of us knew I had, and I tried to fix. I sat there quietly listening, just as I had always done. But she left to a better team, not caring about how she treated me like dirt. There was one point where I yelled "SHUT IT!" to her on ice as she punched me in the chest and yelled at me in front of everyone.
I'm still not sure why I miss her, but I just miss us singing dongs horribly at 6 in the morning on the way to practice, while she's half awake. I miss getting donuts and skating together.
I miss you.
cwanderson cwanderson
26-30, F
Aug 20, 2014