An E-mail From My Ex

My Ex is trying to get with me what should I do, he wrote to me a loving email. I've been thinking and thinking but I don't have an answer judging from this email please help me out. But Remember the circumstances I am living present, I am surrounded by loving and caring people, they mean a lot more than my ex means to me now. His email is rather long so please be patient before you judge him. I haven't slept a wink thinking of him so I am really really confused. Help, Help, Help !! Is there anyway I can keep in touch with him and still not lose my sanity..

Take a deep breath.
Close your eyes.
Now imagine:
We go out on a formal date, dinner and a brodway play, with you dressed to the "nines" in a black evening dress, and a lovely necklace with matching earrings. I arranged for a limo to take us out for the night, and it arrives promptly at 7:00pm and takes us to the best italian restuarant in the area. As we enter the restaurant, I make note of that the Maitre dee made eye contact with you, but figured he was just engulfed in your beauty. I didn't realize at the time that you assumed correctly where we would be going for dinner, and had reserved the table in the back for us.

We each order a glass of wine, and start to look into the person's eyes deeply. Then I notice you sucking on a breadstick, with your eyes closed...and very soft and sexy moans.......why we run out of breadsticks, you start to suck on your finger......and you make sure I am watching you, as you slide your sexy feet next to mine, and slide them up inside my pants, and then sliding them up to my crotch as you begin to give me a footjob.

Then you deliberatley knock your fork off the table, and ask me with your seductive eyes if I could please pick the fork up for you. As I go to pick your fork up, I feel your foot on my head, and I turn to look...and to my surprise and delight you were not wearing any panties letting me catch a very sexy look at your wet shaven aching *****, You hold my head down on the floor with your foot, as you slide your fingers along your ****.......and then make me watch you taste each if it were my ****.

The Maitre d comes over and tells us that we have only 30 minutes to get to the theater and watch our play. As we have to leave quickly, you relish in the thought that I am in a heightened state of arousal, obvious to all the other patrons of the restaurant. I open your door, then whisper something to the limo driver.. You sit next to me, and your scent, sexy perfume, and presence is driving me wild. Then you put your hand on my crotch and gently keep my heightened sense of arousal...... A few kisses on my neck and lips, as well as some light petting sets the mood. Suddenly the driver stops, and opens our doors......we are back home. I take your hand and lead you to the front door of our house. Upon entering you see thousands of red rose petals leading to our bedroom. I put on some soft music and we dance slowly, with wandering hands. As the moonlight comes thru our bedroom windows you realize that your nice sexy black dress is on the floor, as I lead you to the bed. As we kiss on the bed, I reach under my pillow and get the handcuffs.........handcuffing you to the bedposts. You are aroused, wet, and perky, but now it is my turn.

I slowly do an erotic striptease in front of you, walking over with my 8 inch *** dripping **** in my hand, as I slowly start to stroke my **** an inch above your mouth. Your tonfue tries to reach up and taste my ****, but you just miss. As I stroke my **** harder and faster, my moans get louder, as I stand next to your face....... ....and I finally erupt and *** all over your beautiful face. You lick off some of the ***, but there is so much. I get between your legs, and lick some *** off your face and then kiss you....making you even wetter. As I work down your sexy body, kissing your neck, breasts, nipples, tummy, and ***** you quiver and moan for some ****. I reach under the sheets and get a new vibrator, and slowly insert it into your tight aching wet shaven sexy *****. I then slide the vibrator out of your *****, look you in your eyes, and you watch me suck your juices off the vibrator.. .culminating with me deep throating the vibrator.

Your ***** is now dripping and soaking our sheets, so I get between your legs and start to kiss your sexy inner thighs, and slide my tongue along your wetness.... ....mmmmmmmmmm.. ..tastyyy yyy. I kiss and suck on your swollen ***** lips, then my tongue slides thru your lips and enters you..mmmm mmm mmmmmm. Your moans get louder and louder, as you wrap your legs around my head, until you climax.

Then I blindfold you and lay down next to you. As I stroke my **** and moan into your ears.....your nipples remain perky and you start to beg for me to **** you. Sensing the sincere begging from your voice, I uncuff you, and put you on all 4's. I then mount you slowly from behind....doggi I hold onto your sexy hips as I drive my thick 8 inch **** deeply into your moist sexy *****. Your ***** tightens around my ****, and we start to move as 1. I reach for my last surprise, a *****, and slowly slide it into your tight sexy ***... you are doubly penetrated.... ....I can feel the ***** in your ***.... ...and you can feel both...... ...we rock, moan, and explode in a gigantic ****** I shoot my hot streaming ***** into your sexy *****.

We then lie down next to each other with a twinkle in our eyes. What you had started at the restaurant, I finished for you. You have learned that if you are going to is better to tease 2nd.

He knows I hate the blind fold and anal thing but this was his fantasy so I left in here before posting.. He also knows I hate doggie style.. but then again he is a man.. I submit to a man desire to please him, that's just the way I am. May be this is his way of getting a cheap thrill from me, I don't know. And so I am confused about what to do.
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Ignore him, he wants things you are not comfortable with.

He is horny.
Second observation
He is horny for a sexy woman
Third observation
You are a sexy woman
Any questions?

You've probably made a good decision. He's asked and fantasized about you doing things you do not want to do, so he probably wants to get you back knowing you have heard these and taken him back anyway. I have been manipulated similarly, and have had to pay the price.

Yes I have taken him back and prolly will take him back, cause the sex with him sends my body in to a "black hole" where I lose all of my senses, totally vulnerable. And I love it. Yea there is a price to be paid but sometimes its worth it. Therefore I posted it here to get everyone's take on his email. He still don't know his mail is out there for everyone to see.

You've stated something similar to a comment I made earlier to one of your other experiences. Which wins? The mind or the body? I've always chosen the "smart" path rather than the naughty path (until recently).

Hi Jessica, right now I'm in full control of my faculty and I know what you saying makes a whole lot of sense. Here is the issue, when body craves cause it hasn't been warmed up for a long time, body always wins, no matter how hard you try, it always wins and the battle between the body and mind is fought and body comes up with all kinds of rationals to justify it's action and then walla, it gets its way only to regret later. Anyways.. the mind then says "we are only humans" and swallow it's pride. Makes sense?

Yes. He's using that to make me change too. It's a battle. He's controlling my body, and thus, changing my mind.

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My experience is that they are usually an ex for a reason!

You have a point there, sex was awesome though. Won't deny that for sure that's where he had control over me.

As a guy, my opinion is that he is simply gotten lonely and horny. Not a crime, just normal. But you can't ba<x>se a relationship on "romance" and sex... even though i've tried and found out the hard way... Not sure what to tell you but that's just my thoughts on it and experience...

We need to discuss this in private, there are all kinds of factors that are in play, mostly sexual though. Don't dismiss, girls like a good sex too.

He is an EX for a very important reason and you know what that reason is, so do you still feel that way about the reason he is an EX or have you changed your mind and think you made a mistake in making him your EX. The choice is yours and judging by the circumstances of your present situation, which seems to be a very happy one for you and the degree of caring you are showing toward your EX that keeps you from sleeping at night, I say that you can't keep in contact with him and maintain your sanity or your present happy situation, so leave him in the past where he existed for you and go forward to whatever you believe will make you the happiest. After all if we have happiness in our lives what else is there to be gained?

@noonecfan, intense desire is an understatement when it comes to this ex friend, he was damn good in handling me. I got what I wanted from him (smiles) so I gave in for what he wanted out of me. Since I posted this I seen him only a couple of times. But you are right what entertaining thought provoking email. Thank you for your wise advice. Btw, I need to read your stories too.

It sounds to me as though he really has an intense desire to be with you, regardless of the fantasies, what he wants he is telling you which is better than someone who desires something and never shares it.. That being said you are better off leaving it at an entertaining thought provoking email...Best of luck

Say you will go to the show and have dinner but you will then go home on your own to think things over. Can I be your friend?

I don't know the looks of this letter..he seems like he is only interested in just having sex with you. and getting back together just for that reason, he also seems he is rather selfish. So i think it's best to keep your distance from him.

How do you spell................LOSER

Sunny,<br />
<br />
Obviously you are doing what you enjoy, having your 8" cake and eating it too. As long as you are happy, it's all good. Take a look at my profile, add me and enjoy my pics as I will yours.<br />
<br />
Thanks,<br />
<br />

Yes I have. But then again, I haven't found 8 incher since then. His stunning F machine is why I hung around as long as I possibly could. He always took advantage of my sheer weakness. But in the end the sex isn't everything or is it? Every woman deserves to have a damn good sex, the best there is for her, why, cause she is worth it. Since I posted his email, I have seen him a couple of times and will continue to see him, when I am itching really really bad for a good sex.

Always remember an ex is an ex for a reason! I am still friends with my ex-wife and last time we saw each other both single we hooked up but i still saw the things I didn't like. With my new wife I never see anything that I would call a flaw which makes me know that I will spend my life with her!

Well Bonnie you did love him once and there are reasons for your split from him and I am not sure but I think it was more your choice for something he did or didn't do and unless he has reformed himself which I doubt because lepards never change their spots I would relect on the cause and tell him to get lost . If he wants to cheat on his present wife then he really is not worth the salt of the earth so say good by and do what ever you have to so he cannot contact you because he probably will not give up.<br />
<br />

@LM, he was a anal guy and I just can't stand the thought of it. I am not seeing him anymore but I do miss his well hung member. When he entered and burried deep I felt totally content. So for me the size does matter but I have value and dignity.

if all you desire from him is sex, then go for it... but the way i see it is thats whats all he is after... if i wanted someone back.. wanted to empress them.. i would have told you haow much you meant to me how much i missed your little ways that made him feel good... there is nothing wrong with lust and feeling wanted if thats what the relationship is about...but i dont see this going any more fwd...where is your heart in this...if you love him.. i say run... keep close to the circle you have around you... if you want him as a lover he sounds like he can be all of that and more...note...i love all i have read so far....

He left you to get married?!? My opinion for what it worth, is not to see him. is he still married? matters of the heart can only be answered by yourself. don't let your heart over ride your brain. if your brain is really telling you NO, then you should probably listen. <br />
but in the end, only you can make the decision that is right for you.

Hi well personally I do not believe in backtracking. What ever the problem was that you are not together now is likely still there so it will rise again and you are stuck there. It all sounds so nice but they are only words to make you wonder if it would work. KEEP MOVING FORWARD.<br />
<br />

Wickey, I can't afford to get emotionally involved only sexual emotions are fine, yes that includes love of lust and passion but after the sex, we both come down to real life matters and we go on with our respective life. <br />
<br />
Please clarify what you said "A unknown one night stand is more feasible." Can you expand on that. I think I know what you mean by one night stand as a figure of speech not literally , right?<br />
<br />
One night stand would imply being an escort but then again, who doesn't like making and earning money for something you wish and want to enjoy.

No no Ward, I don't care for guys like him.. even though I admit he got a nice and bulky package.

Laughs @ teri... I bet your heart didn't skip a beat "girl" ;-)<br />
@ Bonnie<br />
"May be this is his way of getting a cheap thrill from me, I don't know. And so I am confused about what to do."<br />
What is it that you're confused about? You got it right the first time and I could write a better story in my sleep.

iRant, you have a very valid point. I am a sucker for love mail and he knows me how to get me going.. if you see his mail, he was so appealing and romantic at the start of his mail , egging me to read on until I cam to the last few line.. and got me all pissed all over again.<br />
<br />
I know he is "all about controlling", some of it I enjoyed but most of it I didn't.. so he is playing on my emotions that has some sexual appeal for him. For me time has done some healing for me but then again lust is a lust is a lust..<br />
<br />
But I am not buying him.. He needs to do a lot more than send me teasing email to get my attention. <br />
<br />
Btw, making it public by posting here is helping me in my quest to ignore him.. <br />
<br />
Thank you all.<br />
<br />

Well, BB, I don't like it when a person is supposedly trying to seduce you with a sexually explicit email and that person totally ignores the fact that there are things in the email he knows you don't enjoy. How is it supposed to entice you if he talks about acts that turn you off? Sounds like a very self-centered personality. <br />
<br />
Just my opinion though, and it's based on very little information, but a lack of facts never stops me from spouting my opinion! ;)

Michelle, I miss him too, he had so much power over me which I had learned to accept. Yes we both miss sex life together.. and I don't blame him a bit.. The problem is I have moved on.. and now in a committed relationship.. Hope he would find someone of his liking soon enough.. May be he has cause I haven't heard from him again yet. On the other hand its only been a couple of weeks.. so let's wait and see..

I think he sounds like he is really missing you but especially missing your sex life together !! You are both in caring, committed relationships with others now, so I suggest you do not respond !! He just misses you, can you blame him? !!

Roxanne, I am soft spoken and kind hearted , some men (and some women) take that as sign for weakness and think they can have their way with me. He has what it takes to sexually take a woman to the top of bellowing mountain. Did you see he keeps mentioning is his attributes in the email. It may be rude on his part but it sure got my head spinning. <br />
<br />
Thanks for your concern on me getting hurt. I needed some guidance from my EP friends whose opinon I value.

Bonnie you need to ask yourself why would he put something into a mail that he knew you did mot like. Does your first comment sum it up about you not clicking and so you dumped him.<br />
Only you can decide how you feel in your heart and wether you want to keep in touch with him but I would not like to see you hurt.

Thank you pamper, you are so sweet. If he ever finds out I posted his email here.. he gonna be pisssed.. lol. <br />
<br />
But I won't leave here for more than a few weeks... I just wanted to share with my EP friends and see what they think of my EX.

Trudy, everything was fine until I read his second last para. I have not responded to him and not planning to respond either. Will wait for his second email. Not sure why guys (some anyways) have to show that they are so macho.. He knew why we didn't click in the first place no matter how good was the sex.

I hear you, Trudy. Let's see some more responses. He is married anyways so am I. If anything it's gonna be plutonic relationship cause of our committed lives.

From a man's point of view<br />
<br />
He is probably just going over old situations rather than break new ground somewhere, I agree with Justwondering he sounds selfish. I also agree with her, whatever you got from him you can get somewhere else. Good luck with making the correct decision.

Maybe Juggernaut agrees with me so that's why he said "Avoid! Run away." <br />
Oh, that part..... I think you can get that part somewhere else, my dear. Try hanging out in the lingerie section of K-Mart even. I actually got hit on there and told I was beautiful and asked out for lunch. I think he was really looking for dessert, though. lol My point is, a good looking woman such as yourself doesn't have to settle for a selfish lover.<br />
Did that help with your confusion, dc?

And I think I'm confused...:-) dc

Just Wondering, you make a good point. You forgetting one key ingredient though... How do I deal with that part...<br />
<br />
And You have to admit, he is damn good writer... no !!<br />
<br />
Juggernaut.. and your rationale is...

Avoid! Run away.

I think the fact that he knows you don't like some of that stuff but left it in the fantasy anyway is rather telling. It tells me he is probably rather selfish, and therefore would not be good for you. There is my advice, take it for what it's worth. lol

Rusty, thanks for your comment , I wonder how others who asked similar questions have faired. Now I am more confused.. My mind says one thing but my heart says another and my body says yet something else if you know what I mean. Wish you come back and shed some more light on this.

So you know the last I communicated was 2 years ago and our friendship lasted about six months and then he got married, he is missing me now.. What do I do. He just wish to stay in contact with me. We met face to face just once and we didn't click.. So I dumped him.. I do like him, though.