When Our Eyes Met

Its been months since i saw you last so since the day we broke up. i never wanted our relationship to turn into nothing or be for nothing, but i guess we cant control how life goes. i walked in not expecting you to be any where near why i had to pick up my work but there you were. Your eyes so blue and your voice so caring and true, and there our eyes met and still with one look you can make my heart stop and drop right from my chest. Why still after 5 months can i not get you out of my head? Why do i still love you? i promise im not going to stop trying to get you back your the only person i feel i can be myself with and your the only person who really excepted me, and the only person i want to fight with.
invisibletovisible invisibletovisible
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

**** I feel you me too