Completely Confused By My Ex Who I'm Still In Love With.

Ok, so for the past week my ex has been sending me texts saying how weird his life is without me and how much he's missed me. He keeps nagging me about taking time off work to go and see him. (which I won't because I've just started a new job and all.) I am meant to be seeing him this Saturday after work to catch up and give him his stuff back.

The thing is I find him talking about how much his missed me very confusing. He broke up with me six months ago and I still love him. I would chop off my right arm to get back with him so I don't want to give myself false hope and get hurt. He keeps asking after my best friend and asking whether I'm going out with him. (Even if I did see my friend that way, we'd be each other's rebound and be doomed to fail.) But I know that he's seeing someone else and it makes me feel sick.

If he's moved on, what the hell does he want from me? Does he want me back or does he want us to be friends the way we were before the relationship? I don't want to just be his 'good friend'. I want to be his girlfriend. Still. It's hard for me to just leave and forget about it because he's been such a large part of my life and we've got a lot of history. (We've always been more than friends. Even before the relationship.)
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Jan 20, 2013