I Dont Want To But I Do

i miss him. even more now that i see him so often. he has the qualities that i love so much still and has even lost those that i didnt... i dont love him, i can never love him but i miss him. i miss his kiss, the feel of his warm body close to mine. i miss his laugh and his smile. but i think what i miss the most is what we had together... its funny how someone can love u and u never love them. i tried to love him but, it just wasnt there, there was something still missing. so i had to let him go. i cant think of him as the same now that we talk but as a friend. but i do miss him, in some way i do. im not sure why. but i hope the best for him that he finds someone that fills his heart and she is more than i could ever be for him.

i wish u happiness kyle

DarkAmber DarkAmber
18-21, F
4 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Thx bunches. Cant help it, i love how life throws you the unexpected some times.

That's to good to hear Amber. You are the best there is.. huggies

Na, things have changed alot over time. I wish kyl the best but im engaged to the most amazing man in the world now. i think the only reason i still have this up is because it remindes me how fast things change. Im the happiest person in the world now, but thanks for writing. My friend kyle is doing better by the way.

I wish you best of luck with Kyle.