Am I Alone?

Me and my ex girlfriend went out for three years. We have been broken up for four months. We became friend after the breakup. She would do things like call me up to cuddle, sleep over, give me a peck on the lips goodbye, and say she loves me sometimes. I told her we couldn't be friends and we should go our separate ways, cause she would only call me up when she was bored, or lonely. I also said it wasn't fair that we were doing things that we did when we went out. Anyway she hasn't talked to me since, it's been 5 days, and i feel like we just broke up again. We both still love each other, and i dunno if i made a mistake by telling her we can't be friends. But i was acting like her security blanket, do you think i was wrong by saying we should go our separate ways, will she call me? Please help!
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2010

if you would be just patient, I guess she will call you again, if not, so what? You should move on since you already broke up with her? Right? Only if you don't want to.<br />
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Be by yourself for least 25 days, to see if you still feel the way you feel now...<br />
It is just 5 days....

Letting go can be the hardest thing.... You tend to miss all the little things they used to do...And one tends to remember only the good. It can be like a movie in slow motion; everywhere you go; everything you see, taste, smell or experience; just reminds you of them. This phase can go on as long as you allow it to, unfortunately... If you have a really strong connection with the person, you will gravitate back to the familiarity and want to share things with your ex/partner. Its extremely hard to stop this pattern. but if you are sure you are not meant to be together and cant make it work, in my opinion its best to go cold turkey so to speak. At least for a while, till those feelings pass. I have not found it possible to remain friends with ex's... even when the breakup was amicable... the connection was just too strong for that.