I Miss My Ex-**** Girl Friend!

She and I met in a bar and as we were drinking and talking it led to sex, finding out that she would sleep with as many men as she could if she had her way. Naturally this led to me sleeping with her the first night. Then that led to us living together for seven years. She was a **** **** when I met her, she admitted it. I told her, that is what I wanted in a women.
I would take her out to bars and let her pick up anyone that she wanted to sleep with for the night. I loved it and she soon took it on her self after three years to go out on her own and pick them up. She usually brought them back to our place where she would **** them most of the nigh.
Some times when she had a well hung lover she would have me take pictures of them. Then after two years of this she just went out at night and would come home the next day or sometimes two days later. She was staying with other men more and more until one day she came home and I had a gal in bed. We parted and have only seen each other once in the last twenty years.
I did not mind her being a ****, in fact I liked hearing about her **** ways she was taken when having sex. She ****** me anytime I wanted it and as often as I wanted it. She would walk around naked when we had party's and I loved the attention she would get. I could catch her ******* someone often and before the night would end she would be getting gang banged. I wanted her to be used for sex and she wanted to be used for sex. She told me if she could live the life of having sex all day she would.
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1 Response Jul 31, 2010

Sounds like she was a hot one! Too bad she had a double standard about you ******* other girls.