Off Into The Night Without Me

I miss her most when the sun goes down. When the night slides over the clouds, her memory slides over me. I used to hold her in my arms while we slept. She used to whisper how much she loved me in my ear within the darkness. Her breathe on my cheek was like a small gust of wind from Heaven itself, and her touch on my skin...just a simple brush of her fingertip..sent a rush of heat all over my body. She always felt so petite and fragile within my arms, almost like, if I sqeezed too hard, she'd just vanish into dust within my grasp.
I would always kiss her on her back and tell her that it was okay whenever she would kick in her sleep from a bad dream..and every time, I could feel her body relax and her sleep deepen. Then, I'd run my fingers through her hair, kiss her on her head or ear and whisper that I love her as she would snuggle backwards closer into me. I was so protective of her, I would even attempt to protect her from herself...but I failed miserably. I couldn't make the nightmares go away. I couldn't soothe her pain. I just made it worse in one way or another when the daylight hours I let her into the night without me.
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2 Responses Mar 31, 2012

I love this, its as though you speak my mind...

Maybe u cant save her, or protect her from her past. If I were you, I would just be as patient as possible while she heals... And remember that her past has nothing to do w/ you. Its not your fault. If you love her and you miss her then be all that you can be to her and the rest will work itself out.