Dear Ex

I love you.. you were my everything losing you is like losing everything I could ever want and ever had. you were the joy in my day the sun in the sky I miss you.. You became so special to me so important to me I wish I could lose all my feelings for you but it's so hard. It would be the best if I could but I can't even though I know I have to. I care about you so much I hope nothing ever happens to you I just want you to be happy and live a wonderful life. I miss that amazing feel I get when Im with you.. I miss holding your hand.. I miss hugging you.. I miss everything about you.. You deserve better then me anyway.. So yeah... I see your already falling for an other guy I hope he treats you well and makes you happy. You deserve the best guy. Least I know that your happy thats all that matters really...
Quicksilr Quicksilr
Oct 21, 2012