For anyone who read my story about my ex Jamie and I...

I ended up showing Jamie all I had written after a health scare where she was in the hospital. I knew she was on this website and hoped she would see my posts someday but I decided to man up and just show them to her. And she is no longer my ex girlfriend. She is now my girlfriend present tense.
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Congrats :D so happy for yku

Yay! Told you there was a positive ending! She really WAS waiting for you all this time! You have a kid with her! That's a huge deal! And she definately did still love you! a

I'm happy for you buddy. I'm just getting through a simaler exp.but its been 5 months and we haven't spoken we dated and got engaged in a 4 year time period .then she instagated an argument a day after my bros funeral .she said some really mean things to me.but I still miss her and love her very much.I think about her every day.16 years ago we dated and I fell in love .but we didn't last ,for all those years I loved her from a distance.then 4.5 years ago she came looking for me and it was a dream come true. Well here I am without her again its very hard.I can't stop thinking of her .I'm gonna start dating someone else soon but it doesn't feel right like my heart still belongs to her that's my story

Awsome! Sometimes people who were ment to be together find each other agian. Hope it works out for you buddy. =)