5 Years In A Dream

It feels like that now, 9 months after our breakup, like it was just a dream that never even happened. The empty feeling i get when i think of her or after waking up from an actual dream in which my subconscious seems to have forgotten shes no longer in my life is the only thing i have left to remind me that the 5 years we spent together actually happened. We started dating when i was 21, then moved in together a couple of years later. It was a very intense relationship, we were extremely close and loved each other very much. We took many little trips to the beach in charleston, sc and myrtle beach and also 3 or 4 mini vacations in Atlanta, Georgia enjoying nice restaurants and bars, it was the happiest time of my life. I've since been talking to another girl and unsuccesfully dated another one both in attempts to get over my ex. I can go about a week without extremely missing her now if i focus on work, working out, seeing my friends, and anything else i can do to keep myself busy. But as soon as i settle in to call it a night and go to bed she slowly starts creeping back into my mind and i always think about her right before i finally doze off. I remember thinking that i had found my soulmate. I couldn't picture ever being with any other girl or ever being without her in my life. Unfortunately, i found out that this was not the case and learned my lesson that nothing in life is a sure thing other than death. We hit a rough patch. I lost my job and we both had to move back in with our parents. We weren't ready to deal with rough times as a couple i guess and we started growing apart. I tried to keep it together, but i could see what was happening and eventually we just had to let each other go. I still think about her a lot. I miss her, yet i know that if she ever wanted to come back once i get back on my feet i don't think i would get back with her. I wouldn't put myself through the pain of losing her ever again, but i do miss the good times we had
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1 Response Jan 31, 2013

Move on friend, people change.. Worry about yourself, your future.
I know It's hard to forget but you have to forget. Keep your head up and move on.. The best is yet to come.