Love Hurts

My girlfriend dumped me after 6 months. She treated me badly when i was with her but i loved her dearly. 2 months has passed, she dosent talk to me, she says she wants to be friends but how can you be friends with someone you wont talk to?? Now im single and depressed, im not good at being single, i dont like sleeping around and ive had enough of drinking every wk end and being a wreckhead. I desperately want to leave this lifestyle behind and settle down with the girl i love but she has gone and i have nothing left now. I dont have feelings for any other girls, i truly believe she was "the one" and i treated her with respect and honesty. Also she said she knows deep down she is making a huge mistake but then carried on and made it anyway?? i dont understand why someone would do that it seems i have to be punished and thats my fate. Now im just empty and alone, i want to be in love again but i dont think i ever will again, i hate this life i lead, i know i shouldnt let one girl ruin my outlook on life but how can i help it when she meant so much to me? She really had no reason to dump me its all ****** up. Why are some women so cruel? 
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3 Responses Jun 21, 2007

move on with your life . don't look back . u deserve a better life.

She doesn't love you because she didn't see the quality in you, move on with life and you'll feel better. THEN you'll find someone who will.

All you need to do is give yourself a kick up the back side and move on properly, they'll always be a girl you get hung up on just out of insecurity. Dont feel sorry for yourself or take the victim role. Knock that stuff off - I mean it isnt helping you is it. You can always find another girl to like or even love. But my advice is to learn to be happy and content being single either that or become a PUA - google it ;) Hope all goes well