Someone Being Able To Make Laugh Like This

I remember one time at school, my ex and I were playing a silly game with a large group of friends, we were together at the time but not many people knew about us, it was a secret for more than a year until the people started to find out one by one.

The question of my eyes colour came up, now my eye colour is dark brown that it looks black to everyone, but I think it is easy to see that it is brown in the sun, just like my hair, it also appears to be dark brown only in the sun.

My friend who answered it said my eyes were black, my ex directly: No, they are brown but you can only see it in the sun, then she added in a sarcastic tone: "I know that because I drown in her eyes a lot" (and gave me a naughty grin), everyone laughed thinking she is joking and pretending to be gay, she was being sarcastic and joking about the fact that no one knew our secret, during that time when no one knew about us, she used to make a lot of hidden comments that no one got but me while we are sitting amongst friends, she would say them in a sarcastic tone that made my laugh like crazy and no one got what is so funny! They probably thought I am crazy!

I guess the most thing I miss about her is her nice sense of humour, she has always made me laugh without the least effort .. I think I will always miss having someone being able to make laugh like this.... :))
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Having a sense of humour really helps, especially in tough times. Lack of it, can make the hard parts of a situation even harder.

I really think that's one thing helped our relationship to last, specially with an angry person like me, it helped a lot to have a humorous flexible person on the other side!

Yeah, you don`t notice the anger as much when someone has a sense of humour.

Don't even consider going with a humourless person.

Very true. Good humour is indeed one of the BEST things I loved about her.

I think you need someone tender too, and this is sometimes less easy to find.

I would kill for that :((