Damn.. I Just Started Falling Apart Again! I Miss My Ex Girlfriend So Much!

So yea me and my ex girlfriend broke up about a month ago now.. I sit here and can just totally look her up on google.. She's just there. From instagram and so on. And I didn't even care it just happened. Had now it's driving me stir crazy. And she told my brothers girlfriend (who's her best friend) she's totally over it. It's tearing me apart. What am I to do? I'm not out going. I'm not the type who goes to clubs. Or is good at meeting new people. Or new friends.. It's tearing me apart. She was so beautiful to me. And just kept me happy.

If anyone wants to look her up before she replies go to google and check out kristel lasoul. And go to images. That is her. The girl I miss with ally heart. Just fit perfectly. My missing puzzle piece and I'm fine 90% of the time but she doesn't want anything to so with me. And it is destroying.

Ease any advice would be awesome. Helpful aid. Or any type of response.
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Hey man i know how u feel and that can be really rough when u having a hard time getting over this person but YOU HAVE TO GO OUT AND MEET A NEW GIRL trust me man its a zillion women out there who looks and will treat u much better have some strength and tell yourself u dont need her stop looking at her pics. If u have to go to a club or bar by yourself do it trust me i been in your shoes.You are depriving yourself from meeting someone waaaaayyyyyyy better than your ex

Well first off. Why'd you guys end it?

She ended it. But it was because she said she couldn't focus on herself while she was with me. But everyone I've said that to said it sounds like bullshit. Because I lived in va and her in nj. I did move there for awhile. And drove there every other weekend so it's not like we never saw each other. Pretty frequently actually. She also said she was putting in a lot more effort than I was. But I got my hair cut the way she wanted. And shaved my beard. And drove back and forth all the time. And she did pay for me a lot. But mainly because all my money was going to gas and tolls. Oh she also stopped going to the club. But I didn't ask her to. I would go when I was there because I knew it was what she enjoyed..

Kindof.. A club rat if you know what I mean.

The reason I said me in va and her nj was because she had weeks at a time to focus on herself. And I would see her three to four days and than not for another week or two.

Also whenever I offered to pay she would tell me no and pay. Even when I had money out to do so. I hate when women pay.. It's not chivalrous.

And try to tap into your inner pimpness sometimes women like to cover the tab so let them if they offer

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