After 5 years my girl friend broke up with me, because she needed "space" our lives revolved around each other's and we had so many plans, I mean 5 years wasted I put all my time and love into her and she told me she couldn't do the same. I honestly don't have any friends and neither dose she, we had each other, she's not seeing any one else I know that. Now what I still love her ...
SnowingWindsong SnowingWindsong
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2 Responses Mar 25, 2014

If her life completely revolved around you, something bad must have happened to change everything. Whatever made the relationship fall apart, you need to figure out. Don't repeat the mistakes of the past, and atleast you will have learned a valuable lesson from those years, and it will not be "wasted"

Is it all wasted time though? If you enjoyed the time you guys spent together when you spent it... It's not wasted time.