A day doesn't pass by that I don't catch myself thinking of her. Her beauty, voice, personality, eyes, everything about her.. It drives me crazy how after 3 years I can't get over her. I haven't talked to her in 2 years. I've had a couple relationships after but none of them made me feel the way she did. Eventually the relationships won't last. I don't even care to be in relationships anymore. I've came to the point where I'm happy with being single and just enjoying my days with family or friends. I've caught myself feeling lonely for a couple days and then bam! It's back to normal me. All I can think of is her, and just imagine how my life would be with her in my life. It sucks because I know she's in a relationship and probably very happy, and I accept it because it makes me happy that's she's happy. But I truly feel like I'll always love her no matter how much time passes and how long I haven't seen her.. It's probably very stupid. I'm sure I never even cross her mind not even a day or a second, but in my mind she's always in it..
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Dayumm it's been 2 years just call her

I'll never call her. She's just a bittersweet memory now:)