I am 48 years of age. I have been a happily married man for nearly 10 years. I had a girlfriend at the end of high school we will call her GR. She was a beautiful girl and wonderful person who truly loved me. It was bad timing she was looking for serious and marriage. I was not even close. I was an immature 18 year old idiot. I take total blame for the separation. I hope she is doing well. I would like to reach out to her and apologize for my stupidity. She is married with a family. I would tell her husband he truly has a wonderful woman.
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I sent out an apology letter just a day ago. I showed it to my wife and she did not mind. I just left a return address and no telephone-cell phone or e-mail address. I hope this helps clear my conscience. I do not expect a return message or contact but at least I can say after many years I can be content because this has bothered me for some time now.

Any update? Did she ever contacted you back?

No I did not ever get any response back. I am not surprised and have accepted it.

I once located my high school girlfriend on Facebook. We chatted. She is married and has kids.I thought we could be friends. I sent her a Facebook friendship request and she never accepted it. She didn't answer my messages again either. I'm not happy about it, but well... Women.

It could be the way it ended. I just stopped seeing the girl. She was great and I have nothing bad to say about her. I dated several other girls over the years who I have nothing good to say about. Life is all about timing and in this instance the timing was wrong and bad. This is going back to 1984. She was from a strict family with many rules and regulations so I think she was looking for a way out. That is not to say she did not love me which I think she did but I was not near ready for anything of that magnitude. I did not end of getting married until I was 38 years of age.

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