oh yes I do!! sometimes I suddenly think about her again
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Sometimes I really miss an ex-friend of mine. She may have been my first love. I wish I had the opportunity to figure things out. I wish we had a moment to get a little closure. Sometimes someone will be wearing her perfume and memories come rushing back. The best thing to do is try to block it all from your mind. The moments she pops up in your mind become less frequent. Suddenly, you find yourself hardly ever thinking of her.

I'm not going to block her from my mind she showed me what love is

It's hard getting over a ex and even forgetting them
I haven't got over mine šŸ˜”šŸ‘Ž

I know the feeling

Yoi are inlove

in love?

Awww im sorry. You cant be friends with her?

I truly in the deepest of my soul wish that was possible

Why cant it be? :/

She hates me very very much

Oh... sorry hun

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