They said "it will get easier." When? They said "be strong man." How? Everyday it gets harder to bear. I keep telling myself to "let you go" but you live in my mind. My body aches for yours . My heart just can't seem to accept this void you left in it.
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2 Responses May 5, 2015

it's been like five years; I've lost track of time and become numb to love in the meantime. it never gets easier.

Have you tried getting back together since then? I have a child with current girlfriend with whom I don't feel sexually attracted to, but love none-the-less and am satisfied in every other way with. The ex opposite with my ex.

Hmm.. I didn't know .. :O

And you still can't get over the first??? Wowww :O

Mmhh too bad. You should seek for a closure. Perhaps meeting her to see through things