I don't know if anyone would care to read, but I want to share. The memory of my ex girlfriend is continuously hunting me, we were together 5 years ago, and unfortunately in December she was found dead in her apartment. Police department revealed that she just slipped getting out of the shower, just like that in one minute she passed being 24 years of age.

I regret very few things, but this situation is making me think how thing could be different if we stayed together; I mean there was a day that we thought that she was pregnant, what if she was? What if we could be together? Maybe I could save her life? Maybe we could me happy...

I'm Mexican and she was my first white girlfriend, and i cant stop thinking about staring at her beautiful blue eyes every night, touching her skin and made love 2 3 time per night, I really think about all those beautiful moments and it seems unbelievable to me, and it's not easy to talk to someone about it, now I'm with a significant other and due to her believes, i don't think that she will be open to talk about me losing someone that i miss so much.

I miss you love
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May 31, 2015