whwn I was about 21...was going out with a girl who was 17.We worked part time at the same place(she in grade 12) me at a college taking my last year in business administration.I was shy to talk to her...finally after 3 months I asked her out on a date for Valentine's Day.Was good...after a month she wanted to break up with me but said she will give it another chance.She turned 18 on April 14...I arranged a surprise party at her parents place and had people from the store we worked at come over.After everyone left around 3 am...she said she had something to tell me.As I walked towrds the door...she turned the lights off and kissed me passionately...and said her school work grades are low marks...she has to break up with me.I was devastated...I walked out the door...she grabbed me and hugged me from behind....I pushed her arms away and kept on walkinh to my car.I avoided her for 2 weeks...hard to since we worked at the same department store.I then find out she is taking some old guy from the store to her grade 12 grad.We were and remained friends since I got a job at a place her Dad worked..he was a boss in a different department.She always made sure I would see the guys she went out with...both times from the place I worked.But I was good friends with her parents...they liked me alot.She often told me...they adored me.I even asked her mom one time some 2 years later..when she was not going out with anyone...why her daughter Suzanne is going out with this guy and that guy...her mom said she is playing the field.I always knew where she lives.She is divorced for the 2nd time.One son from the first marriage,2 sons and a daughter from the 2nd marriage.The 2nd guy walked awayafter the youngest was 18...and her daughter had a daughter at 16 years old.I saw her in the store today...recognized her instantly(we were about 5 feet away from each other in a department store at the cash register.As I looked at her...she turned her head away...I was going to say hi...by taking a few steps forward after done with cashier...turn around and pretend like I just noticed her and say hi.I chickened out.I am now 60...peper grey hair and have put on a few ponds since I was 21.I guess she did not reognize me,or remember me.What you think??
Jameswhhos Jameswhhos
61-65, M
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Is sad. Sounds like she recognized you, but there was some pain there?

oh well...next time I see her I will say hello