I Miss Those Rejections I Get From Girls

Man, do I miss them. It is like for some reason, I can attract, the non-straight males, but I can attract a girl. What the ****? Yay, I have now have a very screwed up life. I feel like gutterville. The last ***** that tried to talk to me, and that was in August of 2009. AUGUST!!!!!!, no one since. NO ONE SINCE, did I fall off the planet, and that was before, I gained weight. Now girls are locking their doors when I walk past. Did my heavy black jacket, scare them. I go to a **** college, and why are girls scared of me. I mean, I don't understand it. I want to wear contacts. I wish I could up to the school, during the early hours, but my dad come home from work very late. I would like to leave, as soon as he comes in. Man, I would love to be at my school, during the warm times, and it is like nothing going to change. Because the girls here, stay in clicks, and then the other girls, talk on their cell phones. Now if I grabbed the cell phone out their hand, and launch that ****, then see what they'll say, and I am not paying for their cell phones, use their insurance. But for-real, I will launch that ****.

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 22, 2010

you seem like a real weirdo and not it in a good way at all. thats probably why girls don't talk to you.