I Am a Moron, and Let Me Explain Why.

Well, Ill put the bare bones out.

I met her, she was an idiot at times as she wasnt too "lernt", but she was fun and making alot of changes.  I quickly fell in love with her big time.  I supported her in eny decision, not always "go for it babe!" ort anything but let her know the pros and cons.  A few years later, and a few break ups where she left me then came back, she decided to join the militayr and asked me to go with her.  I said OK and did it.  Then she left me again right b4 I left for boot camp.  abou 6 months or 8 or a year later, cant recall she contacted me and wanted to meet up while I was on leave. I said ok and did, she waxed poetic about misisng me etc and I took her back, we decided that after 5 years and all we might as well get hitched as she was still going in the military and we could live near eachother etc.  So I got shipped out and latter we got married and a month afterwards she was banging some dude she just met, lying to her parents and friends, and ME, and I found out and now we are divorced.  I do miss her sometimes, alot actually, then the burning hatred comes and it washes it away, but I know I only hate her because I miss her still and she hurt me in ways I dont think she could ever understand because shes a mental f**cktard and at times emotionally bankrupt.  still whatever.  THE WORST PART OF IT ALL is that I had left some one once when she came back.  I left some one I really liked, she was a smart blonde haired blue eyed girl I went to school with.  She is the only girl that ever made me nervous; I miss her more than my ex wife.  I wish there was a way to let her know.  I condemen my exwife as she cant keep her word and is a shallow useless human being. I miss the EX girlfriend becasue she was cool fun, pretty,. liked me for being me, very very smart and challenged me.  I am a moron becasue I kept my word to some one even though I knew I shouldnt. damn samurai logic.  So I miss "S.L.S.", at least what I remember; anymore I'm sure she is different as all get up, partially at least, as I am.  Hope all is well yo, I miss you.

Deadweezyl Deadweezyl
26-30, M
1 Response Dec 23, 2007

Oh OMG!! what an evil ex-wife u had I am so happy u ended with her but how u didn't know that she is not true she can't keep her words.( I am sorry if I said something bad). If you still like your ex-girlfriend just tell her how much u want her.