Just When I'm Almost Over Him, He Wants To Talk Again..

In my sixth grade year, i started talking to this kid, (lets call him.. Bob), Bob and i became best friends, even though we didnt actually know who the other was. we knew we had one class together, band. at the time of this slowly blosseming friendship, i was dating Blain.(Another made up name) Blain and i were together for 1 year. as soon as blaine and i broke up, Bob and i realized who the other was. we talked all the way through 6th and in 7th we began to date. we broke up after a week, when Bob realized we should be just friends. So he dumped me. it was a rough time for me, my mom had just deserted me & now the guy ive liked for so long? I felt there was nothing else i could resolt to. I began failing classes & almost gave up on life. Until i made became friends with great people. Amber & Kylah & Haley have helped me. and 8th grade rolls around, i still talked to Bob, i still liked him, his friend, France(who is my friend, also. Real name, btw.) knew i liked him, France likes me, too but i just dont like him. Anyway, I started to date Lagan, we were together for almost 3 months, and i had slowly eased away from Blain. But when Lagan dumped me, all my old feelings for Bob resurfaced. but Bob had kissed kissed Lori, my closest friend. and never told me. So naturally, i got ticked at them both. Lori didn't realy like him & decided to ignore him. It worked. Bob wanted to be friends and talk alot again, we texted and hung out in school but nothing more. So this past Monday, i woke up and realized i deserve better, im somewhat over Bob& have started to like Billy. an old 7th grade crush. im still working on it, but i think i'm almost over him. After he realized that i didnt talk much, he wants to be best friends again.. Help?
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i cant tell you but i will tell you later like maybe at lunch? lol ilylas

WHO?? and i know./:

ik who all these people are and let me tell you mada you deserve much better these guys will let you down and tear your heart to shreds so move on from them all i know someone who likes you and you don't need to waste your time on these low life's!! ilylas