Not in a romantic way or anything. I don't think we were ever meant to be lovers, but I think we were meant to be good friends, and I'm sorry that it ended in a way where that couldn't happen. I think about her quite often. I wonder how she's doing, I hope that she is happy, and I hope that when, or if, she ever thinks of me that she thinks well of me. I don't like the way things were left between us. I remember yelling at her. While I think it was justified, because she blabbed something personal to a close friend of mine after we had broken up and the only reason I can think of as to why she would do it was to spite me and start a quarrel. I still feel rather guilty about what I said to her out of anger.

I think she was a lovely person. I will always think well of her. I wish we could have been friends, because she was an excellent one to me while we were together. I only wish I could have had the chance to be a better one to her after we had broken-up. Some things just aren't meant to be I suppose, romantically or otherwise.
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Hang tough dear. I'm sure when all is said and done, she remembers you as fondly as you remember her. After all, it takes more than one bad memory to erase all the good ones!