Not Romantically, But...

I was with my ex-boyfriend for almost 3 years. We were broken up for about 3 months before he killed himself. This happened last month. When his brother called me with the news, I was totally inconsolable.

I miss him so much. I wanted us to stay close and stay good friends. We've learned so much from each other and have been through a lot together. I still can't believe he's gone...

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6 Responses Apr 9, 2008

im really sorry. :'( *hugs*

I am so sorry for your loss

Oh my... :( I'm very sorry.

I had a similar situation where a guy I dated had one kidney, then when I broke it off, he had kidney failure to the other kidney. He called me of all people. I wasn't going to go to the hospital because it would just continue a toxic relationship so I called his son who notified the rest of family. I heard a few months ago that he's still alive but I don't regret breaking up. I just pray for him.

im just shocked and my hands r shaking,,,, im really really sorry

I am sorry for your loss.