Being In Love With Someone Who Isn't Ready For Love..

It's funny how easy it is to fall in love with someone. With all the little things that they can do, you slowly start to fall in love with them. After trying to prove to him, that I wasn't going to hurt him, trying to always make him happy, being there for him when he needed somebody to talk to, and so much more, he decided that he wasn't ready to love somebody yet. I miss falling asleep next to him. (Okay, he snores, but it's okay.) I miss coming home to somebody who will be affectionate, and will ask me how my day way. I miss him wrapping his arms around me, it felt amazing. I miss taking our random drives around town, just because there was nothing to do, and so be it if we were using all the gas. I miss trips to Wal-Mart, and every time I'd turn my head, you would have thrown something we didn't need in the basket, and expect me not to notice. I miss wrestling around in bed, while trying not to disturb the roommates. I simply miss you. Your beautiful face, your lips against me. The way you kissed my forehead when we were laying next to each other. I miss us more, and more each day. Rolling over in the mornings, to find that you aren't there, makes for a rough morning. :( I miss the random text messages through out the day saying, "I miss you baby." I miss it all.

I love you, and it hurts knowing that there might not be another chance.

mizzgreeneyedladyy mizzgreeneyedladyy
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 3, 2012

I know how that feels. I want her to come back so bad & tell me that she is sorry & that she loves me