I Miss Him

i miss him so much i am loney for him i dont think he feels the same way, i wasnt his type i know, he ment something to me that i just cant explain my heart is just so sad , how long will this feeling go on? i had hope when we lived in the sme town but now hes gone so i know its final. how can any one move from one relationship to another i just dont understand that i dont know if hes moved on or not and it doesnt matter anyways because i do wish the best for him but the best for him makes me miss him still, i never had a hard time getting over a relationship in the past why is this one so different? i just dont get it i am happy with my life otherwise im making new friends but there can be only one, only one that fills me completely im mean other than god i miss seeing him smile,i miss toutching him, i miss cleaning his house bringing him drinks or just hearing him talk. i dont really cry any more but just feal that hes missing , i think about him every day and i hope that hes ok. the thought of seeing him again makes me nurviouse  because i just dont even know what to talk about . alot has been going on in my life since he left , trying to improve myself in different ways but not to get him back because i know he dosnt want me, i feel so pathetic right now knowing how much i want him why cant i just get over it. i think because i know there is no other man in this world that i will ever was as much as i want him. well i have to go for now bye my friends
cutie2christy cutie2christy
36-40, F
Mar 5, 2012