I Miss Him Very Much Though I Knew He Wont Come Back

Its about one and half month since we break up...No I better say since he dump me & chitted on me. but I couldn't resist my desire for him my hands are even shaking now. I always sow him with his new girl & i miss him to hug me on her place. oh am feeling loneliness.  but when we were together I even didn't realize that I love him. Ohhh i miss him very much than ever!!!!!!
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Mayabird, i know what you going through its hard but try and stay busy, take up new hobbies...meet up with friends.... go out and don’t stay in the house :), what that old saying.... time heals all wounds.

Ya zats wat i need thanks

Mayabird How can I help you! I would like to learn more about you and what you needs are! Being a lone isn't fun I know for myself. I stay very busy I own a med size horse ranch and a few rental buildings just to have a few people in my life. <br />
I could use a exercise rider if you ride horse's? But let me know Let me know if you would like to write to my other email address off this board? I'll leave it up to you.<br />
Have a very good day Mayabird

Breaking up can make most women loose more weight than normal. My sister everytime she broke up with her boyfriend/or girlfriend would release her weight she is skin and bones now she was a normal 3 now she is a minus 3 plus most people who do not know she's a great person run away because she looks so skinny and sickly looking. We talk a lot now because she is lonely ( Mayabird) You need someone to support you even if it's parttime. Female or male good luck

so what about u? cant u try to help me? I dont have anyone that much helpfull than teese on me