I Hate That I Hate You

Thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obsession with love. You are nothing to me. I hate who I have become because i use to be a part of you, and therefore i still think like you. I hate you for the way you can just stand there and watch me fall apart. I hate how you feed me all your lies and I hate how i eat them all. I hate that you have abused the gift you have been given and I hate how you carelessly threw it away. I espeacailly hate that you won't miss me until im gone. I hate the fact that you can lie to my face and not even think twice about it. I hate how i thought I knew who you were and i hate now i don't know you at all. I hate that you tell me your sorry then turn around and do exactly what you'll be sorry for. I hate that you think you can get everything that you want. I hate how you think you can call me and expect me to be there. I hate you cause you think you got me wrapped around your finger. I hate that you do. I hate your cold hearted bastard. I hate how you don't care about me or my feelings. I hate that your.......egh. I hate that you can make love to me then go talk to another girl the next day. I hate that you thought I would never find out. I hate being your fool. I hate that i hate you but most of all i hate that i love you.

I am feed up I can't win your losing fight.
kairiAnn kairiAnn
May 15, 2012