My Ex Is Homeless

I found out recently that my ex girlfriend from high school is homeless.I read about her on a blog which is kept by somone at a homeless shelter in Boston.This has devestated me,to think that such an amazing person could be homeless.I have been looking for her for 5 monthes now,a few leads,that's about all.We are both married to other people now,but I will always have a place in my heart for her.If I find her,I will do what I can to help her,without jeapordizing our marriges.She was my first ,and did so much good for me,and in hindsite,I wish we had stayed together.We decided early on to be what they call nowadays "Friends with benefits." We decided to break up when we started to get too serious,in a time in both our lives when neither of us wanted to,or were ready to get serious.In hind site,I think it was a mistake.Now she is homeless,and struggling with addiction.I know that if we had stayed together,that her life wouldn't have ended up the way it did.I have a good life,but if had the chance say,if my wife and I got seperated or divorced ,I would not stop until we were back together.For years I had managed to come to terms with how much I missed her ,and still care for her.Reading about her being homjeless,has just brought every memory back to me.Everythinbg feels like it just happened yesterday,especially since I also happened to find a website where I could look thru our high school yearbook.She was a very beutifull girl,and an amazing person. I really miss being with her.It really hurts,and I don't know if I could take it if I could never see her again.
ronudist ronudist
Jul 6, 2012