What I Would Do

I would sell my soul to the devil for an eternity in hell just to spend a life time of happiness with you

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8 Responses Jun 27, 2008

It wouldn't be worth it, plus screw them if your not loved by them of their own accord. It's funny cause the girl i was referring to in this story I havent talked to in 5 years, we started talking the other day...it was interesting...but shes got kids with some asshat and its a deal breaker for me.

I would sell my soul to be happy with my love.

I would sell mine today. :(

No I wouldnt, years later looking back on this. how foolish I was to say this! tsk tsk. I wouldnt sell my soul for anything.

ndeed, but losing love sucks...maybe i retract this statement(the words i first posted above for this story)if i had meant that much to her i wouldnt be screaming out id sell my soul for her,i would give my life for her tho if i had to to save hers, but she turned her back when i tried to make things right which alot can be contributed to by own hand to our demise,she never should have told me i was the one and made me believe i meant the world to her when in the end i wasnt, now a year later she still has my heart and i have no desire to ever hear her voice again, such a thin line between love and hate...ah well the world moves on, thx for the comments

That was real touching... Should be careful wat you wish for, but at times the pains just so unbearable to not want to wish for that! I feel ya!

will do,ill check it out, preciate the comments, take it easy

well...i didnt wish for it, and as for the numbers, well human biengs are mostly trash, dont realize what they got, are greedy,dont respect and care for that person and if they died or left them they would probly be depressed for quite some time. ppl get married for the wrong reason, its sad that the numbers are like that, ad ppl shouldnt get divorced, y get married in the first place...oh thats right ppl are retarded,it almost slipped my mind before i looked out the window and seen all the trash called ppl in a city