I Feel Betrayed And Confused

She was everything to me, and I loved her and did anything I could for her. She told me she loved me too, I believed all the words she said to me. After a year I proposed to her, she was dropping hints that that's what she wanted before then so I figured why not, since I was sure she was the one I wanted to spend my life with. Then a month later, she goes off to college, meets new people and a new guy. She left me for him because he was closer and she refuses to admit it to herself or to me. I feel so betrayed by her that all the things she said to me weren't true, that I really wasn't as special to her as she was to me, and I'm so mad at her...but I still do love her for some reason and I really do miss her. And she still won't answer if she wants me gone forever. I don't know what to do anymore.
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7 Responses Dec 19, 2006

Okay so this post is from 2006? Would love to hear what happen to you, of well..

Okay, so enough with the pity party. Just go after her, some girls are like that. Fight for her, and if you did everything you could and she still doesn't see it than leave. Do not look back. Try to move on. Don't waste your time when 'The One', as you people call it, is out there. #cheesybuttrue

I was deceived like this, This ex convinced me he loved me than did a Jeckyl n Hyde in a few months n stopped calling, People like this need to wear a label on their forehead so we can be warned *Do Not Date This ******* They Ruin U 4 Lyfe*! lol...

Aww, thats awful! You deserve so much better!

I totally understand how you feel I'm in the same situation.

I can't believe she did that to you! It sounds like she played with your heart. I'm sorry. That must be so painful! Just keep holding out for that one who will love you as much as if not more than you love them! You deserve to be loved back. You deserve to not be played with.

Dreams Come from within the hear and mind and only there can they ever die, because while the difficult takes time, the impossible just takes a little longer..... Thats what I live by!...xxoo p.s. the hurt will never go away you will love that one person for the rest of your life but like me you just have to try to live with the pain ya know......xxoo....