I Want To Toss Out The Trash

You broke my heart and took me for granted. You showed me the most amazing joy and the most crippling pain. You raised me up and you knocked me down... again, and again, and again.

And I let you. Heck, I *made* you. I presented my heart, no matter what you did, time and time again. I took leap after leap, never caring if you were actually there to catch me, and then I recoiled, struck out, bemoaned my luck every time you let me down. And somehow, I still don't care to put an end to it.

But I'm getting there. I want to be there. I am slowly picking up the pieces and growing stronger. I want to want you out of my life so badly that I can almost taste it. I want to see you for the man you are, regardless of whether that is the man I came to love, and I want to be strong enough, to be free enough, to say goodbye to that man. I want to stop dreaming about you. I want to stop losing my breath and all the feeling in my body when I think of you, and I want every minute object to stop reminding me of you. I want to cherish our memories, but let you go. I want to free us both. I want you to live a happy life, even if that life doesn't include me.

So just tell me, how am I supposed to stop wanting you?
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I hear ya...been there doing that. Sigh.

Any advice?

Did u do what we talked bout long ago??

*sigh* No I haven't. He's been crazy busy (he's at bootcamp now) so I've been putting it off.

Haha. Yea. Its tough. My ex is comming back saturday from bootcamp. Idk if he's gonna see me but if he does i hope i dont give in.

I still believe that u can do it and find someone so much better

Thanks <3

here to talk whenever u want!.

Also i think with out common our situation is we should write a book or do a movie or something lol

LOL I believe Nicholas Sparks has a book like that called "Dear John."

Of course our story is the precise opposite.

We talked and we broke up. He said the feelings just aren't there for him anymore.

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