My Ex, Someone I Cherish More Than Breathing Has Walked Back Into My Life.

His name is tyler, he is a sweet, golden hearted man thats as tough as leather. His sweet embrace that squeezes the air from my lungs. At six foot three he towers over me making me feel small. But at the same time i feel safe to fall. I know that he loves me and always has. That was never an issue. The reason i cried into so many tissues was because he was afraid. He had been hurt many times. He thought i would be the same. I tried my darnedest to convince him that i was different and my feelings were true. I love him with all my heart i truly do. I found out the last guy i was with was bisexual (i have nothing against homosexuals) and was in love with an ex. So i said "alright well i love an ex too so i guess this is goodbye" and we ended it. Thats how i got where i am now. Back with the man of my dreams inside and out. I have started to wonder if my love for my deceased boyfriend was as much as what i have for teddy. I still am unsure. I know my live for him was real without a doubt. Just not sure if it was as deep as i thought. I think i mainly cried because he was my best friend, my support. Someone i really loved and cared for like family. I know tyler loves me due to the fact he came by at seven p.m and five a.m just to see me after work. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Its been months since i could think of him without crying since i had lost him. Now that i can though i think of him all the time, and talk to him all the time. Me and him are perfect for each other and i really want us to last this time. I can not lose him this go round. If i do lose him i don't know what i will do. The first time he said i love you i cried. Its all i could do. I wanted to hear it so badly and when i finally did all the bottled up sadness i had was released. So right now things are impeccably amazing. I hope this time he stays and never leaves my side.
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complicated I guess

Yes it is. Very complicated.